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  1. Thanks, I’ve contacted “water flea market” (hah) and they have some triple versions, but not singles. I’ll get onto the other suggested shops too... but yeah, as Max says, an Australian source would be ideal. Unfortunately, international sourcing is looking to be more expensive than buying a modern Lewmar DC2 locally (but that wouldn’t match so well). Any good yacht wreckers in Australia I should know about?
  2. I’m looking for a used Lewmar D2 Superlock rope clutch (single 10-12mm) to match an existing (~1990s) rack of clutches on my Farr 37. See pic. Anyone got one or have any intel on where I could find a matching spare? Preferably from an Aussie salvage outfit? cheers, Andy
  3. Thanks Jmartyg! Yes, I came to the same conclusion and purchased the Plastimo/AdvanSea 40640. It produces the same electrical output signals (so is compatible with the display), but its diameter is a few mm bigger than my Northstar M310 through-hull sensor plug. Maybe the diameter is the same as the 3100 though. Anyway, I had to sand it’s diameter down a mm or two and use smaller o-rings to get it to insert. Also, the insertion depth of the plug has to be checked, because it can protrude too much or not enough as there is no preset end-stop using this plug. Once modified, it worked well (
  4. Hi David and others I have a Northstar Explorer M310. The eight-blade paddle wheel has disappeared and I’m having trouble finding parts. Not sure if it is possible to get a replacement paddle wheel or full sensor plug that would be compatible with the display unit? Attached is a pic of the manual showing wheel and full plug. Any advice on compatible replacement parts much appreciated. Andy
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