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  1. As a testament to how easily driven Duracell is, the 27 horse Yanmar Diesel I added easily cruises her at 7 knots with no head sea/wind. From the point of the collision she got me approx. 500 miles into Turtle Bay, Baja and then up the coast to San Diego. Against 10-15 knots and 2-3' seas that is probably down to about 5 knots. The only reason to increase the engine/prop size is if you demand that it be able to push you faster or into significant wind/sea.
  2. Does anyone have any other ideas on how to get the word around to a larger audience that this boat is available? I'd appreciate your insight. Thank you!
  3. I have some recent photos of the boat (less than 4mb jpgs) that I've tried to upload but get a failure note, code -200. Any ideas?
  4. Paintings are still there. This photo was taken a few weeks ago. Except for the added workbench in foreground and added small diesel propulsion, she's pretty much as you last saw her. Thanks!
  5. I bought Mike’s DURACELL from him as he was building his next boat COYOTE. My plan was to do my own, non-racing, solo non-stop circumnavigation. After bringing her to Seattle (through the canal) and winning the Pan-Pacific Race, I brought her solo back from Japan as a shakedown. My circumnavigation was cut short by losing the top 50’ of the mast in a collision with a freighter down by the equator. Putting her on the hard next to my home, it was my intention to put it back together and return to sailing. Shore life got in the way with business and family obligations and now age and health
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