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  1. 8 hours ago, Ishtarsdog said:

    Every boat and every owner is different. Dogbark was the beneficiary of a ton of low cost support, some sponsorship, and we did a lot of the work ourselves or with the help of some highly skilled mentor-types. But I think the $200k number isn’t a crazy starting place if the hull is sound and if you are not trying to get back into race trim.

    You could spend less with used sails, a used mast section, and scavenged parts from other boats if you happen to know a bunch of big boat people and if you are handy.

    But you could spend a fair bit more if you went for a new mast, if you actually want a bit of interior, new electronics and an engine that will push the boat at hull speed. When you are done you have a boat that is one of the fastest, toughest, most comfortable cruising boats on the planet. What is that worth?  

    (Hint: Less than you paid for it, regardless of how much you spent. It’s a boat.)


    As a testament to how easily driven Duracell is, the 27 horse Yanmar Diesel I added easily cruises her at 7 knots with no head sea/wind. From the point of the collision she got me approx. 500 miles into Turtle Bay, Baja and then up the coast to San Diego. Against 10-15 knots and 2-3' seas that is probably down to about 5 knots. The only reason to increase the engine/prop size is if you demand that it be able to push you faster or into significant wind/sea.

  2. I bought Mike’s DURACELL from him as he was building his next boat COYOTE. My plan was to do my own, non-racing, solo non-stop circumnavigation. After bringing her to Seattle (through the canal) and winning the Pan-Pacific Race, I brought her solo back from Japan as a shakedown. My circumnavigation was cut short by losing the top 50’ of the mast in a collision with a freighter down by the equator.

    Putting her on the hard next to my home, it was my intention to put it back together and return to sailing. Shore life got in the way with business and family obligations and now age and health issues. I no longer have the means to chase that dream. So what now?

    I love that boat. I can’t imagine a more easily handled, sea kindly, safe, proven, shorthanded boat capable of sailing anywhere on earth. So a refit for a solo circumnavigator? Or shorthanded go anywhere?

    Move the helm aft and replace the short pilot house with a long coach roof, build in creature comforts for a fast, shorthanded cruiser or ‘six pack’ charter boat? A Salish Sea, sailing/whale watching boat sailing out of Deception Pass?

    Much of the movie “Coyote: The Mike Plant Story” was shot of and aboard this boat. The movie trailer can be viewed here: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6739894/ 

    In any case, I want to make it possible for another individual or organization to own her and get her sailing again. I’m looking for a buyer, proposals and/or ideas.



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