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  1. As a customer for the Erik Lerouge designed Libertist 703 I occasionally stay in touch with him. He is busy with the Libertist range of trimarans, and is also working on a larger catamaran, as far as I know. I know that Rackam 26 (a very nice and fast catamaran) was produced by Tregor Composites, and that this company did not survive in the aftermath of the financial crisis.
  2. Hi Tony

    Here is a Libertist 703 webpage translated into English:


    My boat will be finished by the end of the year.



  3. Good point; the shipyard will mount the autopilot; there is a similar boat (853) with an autopilot, so hopefully this will be done professionally.
  4. Well, I have no intention of buying the C36 advertised for sale in Norway. My Erik Lerouge designed Libertist 703 will be ready by the end of the year - the plan is to have it exhibited at the D├╝sseldorf boat show.....
  5. Thanks for all good advise. I shall go for NKE or Pelagic, and drop the windvane idea....By the way, is the Farrier F36 similar to Corsair 36? I notice there is a Corsair 36 for sale in Norway at present; from 2005, at around USD 90,000.
  6. Sorry, being a non native English user, and not terribly technical, but what is AWS, AWA and AFAIK?
  7. Well, this was exactly what I also had in mind. If sail by compass course is most important, the probably an Autopilot is best. But what is sailing by apparent wind is most useful? Apparent wind sailing is standard operating mode for a windvane, but for an autopilot to sail by apparent wind, complicated instruments are required, as I understand it. It seems that several of you do not believe that a windvane is sufficiently responsive on a fast trimaran. Is that really the case?
  8. My boat will have fixed foils in floats, twin rudders and a daggerboard, so I guess it will be quite directionally stable.
  9. Sorry for posting twice about the same...... The stern of Libertist 703 will look similar to 853, except that 703 is a folding tri:
  10. The combined unit saves electricity; this is probably more important for long passages when not being able to charge batteries. However, it is an intriguing combination: https://pelagicautopilot.com/products/autopilot-for-windvane-self-steering Windpilot offers the same, with a unit much lighter than Monitor. I am tempted to go for an NKE autopilot, provided it is not too expensive.....
  11. Thanks; so far I have learned that a windvane alone is probably not a good idea. What about the combination windvane and autopilot (see photo below)? I have already contacted Pelagic, and am waiting for their response. Same for NKE France.
  12. I am having a 23 ft. cabin trimaran built, with rotating carbon mast and twin rudders. I will have self steering, and am contemplating the following options: 1. a simple cockpit autopilot, e.g. Raymarine or similar 2. a fancy NKE autopilot; supposed to be state of the art 2. a mechanical windvane (Mr Vee and Windpilot have lightweight units around 10 kg) 3. a combined windvane/autopilot (Windpilot); see below (copied from Windpilot┬┤s website); photo here. Catamarans If the wind is particularly gusty, a more reliable steering signal can be obtained by removing th
  13. The boat will be used in an area with frequent rain; a damp climate in general; 15-20 degr. C in the summer, and 5-10 deg. C in spring, autumn and winter. I have received jib and mainsail offers with dimension-polyant CXI and Contender CDX Pro. I have heard that Contender sailcloth is prone to be mildew stained, but this is just a rumour I picked up somewhere. Any suggestions for the right choice of cloth?
  14. Yes; as far as I understand it is an evolvement of Pulsar; there are several similarities. However, Pulsar 23 had minikeels, and 703 has not. The Libertist series have mini foils. They all have raised decks - very flat and good for safety; fixed spade rudders in foils, daggerboard in main hull and rotating carbon mast. http://erik.lerouge.pagesperso-orange.fr/tri_8.htm Here is Talence a Pulsar:
  15. I am planning to have one 703 built for use in Norway. Have looked at the competition (Corsair 760, Farrier F22, Dragonfly 25), and decided on Libertist 703. Looking forward to the result.
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