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  1. Top to bottom... Fireball 14474, Inland Championships a few years ago at Draycote Fireball 14110, banzai windy club race at Draycote 2 of Cherub 2644 Suicide Blonde, bought for £300 and then substantially updated with a twin wires, racks, new sails, and an old RS600 mast that had been underwater for years and was revealed when the lake level went down. We won the inaugural 12' skiff Nationals in 2006 with this boat, not bad as she was already 20 years old and well overweight 12' Skiff DesignSource at Rutland Water (my current club) 49er at the Torquay regatta..
  2. Haha good find...that's me driving my old boat. I bought 14110 unseen from eBay for £350. I'd been dabbling with skiffs for years, and missed the total blast without any fear of death that only a Fireball can deliver in a solid 20kts plus. Although the fit out was awful on 14110 and the sails were knackered, my £350 boat turned out to be a bit of a bargain. My crew and I threw the rig up, and without checking or changing anything promptly went out and got a 2nd on our first club race. It was a slightly different shape to many of the other other boats, and apparently was the only other
  3. I went across the English Channel a few years ago on an IMOCA with a skipper who had done the Vendee Globe a few years ago in a much older boat with none of the cockpit protection of the modern boats. He said there was only one brand which measured up for the Southern Ocean...Guy Cotten, as used by offshore fishermen. Go figure...
  4. Guys...when I looked at them in the flesh they looked to have an absolutely constant curve to me, with just a reduction in chord at the end. If you look at one of the photos there seems to be a line visible on the inside face of the port foil...I assume the foil is pulled down/deployed by this line. Not sure if this would make it very hard to "swap" the foils if this was the intention? I also thought that that chord looked small compared to some of the other boats. I did wonder how much foil you'd actually need to deploy to foil as they do seem really long...could it be that there'
  5. In that configuration the leeward on will probably acts as a DSS foil and the teeny bit of drag it caused may be offset by the additional righting moment (although this may be irrelevant with a canting keel?) Either way in the light stuff with presumably a smaller lighter boat, less appendages in the water and less aerodynamic drag, it's still likely to be the quickest boat out there...
  6. Yep. It doesn't really show in the photos but the size and design of the door make it look very much like it's going to be closed 99% of the time. The canvas cover has a zip down either side, but again it strikes me as something that will be closed nearly all of the time. I'd have expected some kind of "roller blind" arrangement if it was going to be used as some kind of conning position regularly. It's interesting the way it has all gone. I've sailed what at the time was Toe In The Water, (formerly Pindar, now Alcatraz IT), one of the much older generation fixed keel boats, but with
  7. Very interesting thoughts...and yes, I think you are right. "Less is more" here...
  8. No worries. I thought you lot on here might like these! I'll say it again though, this looks like nothing you have ever seen and the finish and attention to detail are incredible.
  9. OK, spare me the "f off newbie"...been here before but had to re-register. I was lucky enough to get up close to the boat, and I can honestly say any pictures out there so far simply do not even come close to doing it justice. It's incredible..."porn star" finsh carbon throughout (not black paint as it looks) and just details details details everywhere. Check out the forward windows on the cabin top and the nav lights built into the stanchions for starters. And...here are the foils. They look perfectly "circular" to me and very unlike any of the wide, flat, "Corsair Wing" designs
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