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  1. Interesting. It sounds like a more common failure then I realized. Thank you for the information!
  2. So I broke down last year and bought a Melges 24. It was the cheapest one on the market, Hull #22. Built in 1993. Aside from being in rough shape cosmetically, the pervious owner assured me it was a solid boat. Over the winter I had it inspected by a surveyor and no surprise they found some issues. The worst of them is the T shaped support structure that holds the boat together, was cracked and ultimately destroyed some years ago. Someone made a shitty bandaid fix, but she seems to sail fine, I haven’t noticed any difference from sailing on hull #800 other than it being cleaner. So my question
  3. I think the head is very comparable to boats of a similar size. Plus you get three cabins out of the deal! As for the downwind sailing, in standard setup it does struggle in light downwind. But we sail ours with a fractional A-sym flown off the bow roller and it does very well. Even in a light downwind (6 knots boat speed in 7-10 knots of wind with an angle of 135 ish) It would take off if you put a sprit on, and went masthead like many of them have.
  4. We've owned a Beneteau First 36.7 for about 10 years and absolutely love it. The cabin is very nice, comparable to any boat in its size range. They make smaller versions such as the 31.7, 33.7 they are all very similar to the 36.7 It's an easy boat to sail, single handed or short handed. But it also does great racing in OD, as long as your crew doesn't mind bumping into each other every once and a while. I'm 6' and my father is 6,3' and we both have plenty of headroom to spare. It goes upwind like a witch and does pretty well downwind in a breese. Our top speed recorded is 16.5 knots. Not bad
  5. They're similar boats for sure. The 36.7 is definitely a more versatile boat though. It has a great cabin, yes the cockpit is small but it's a dream to single hand. Mainsheet, traveler, jib sheets, everything is right in reach. The 36.7 goes well upwind, likely outrunning the J. The boat is not Tender when set up correctly, she goes like a witch to weather. But downwind leaves something to be desired. If you're not racing OD, I would take the extra $$ the J would cost and throw a bowsprit and masthead kite on. For cruising the J and the Bene are not comparable. The Bene is much much nicer down
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