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  1. I'm not an expert, but those connections all have to go through a ground station somewhere. So, if you're in the Atlantic and you're connected, you're connecting through a station on either the US East coast or European Coast. If there are too many users in those particular locations, you could see throughput issues. I think those use cases all have impediments towards early adoption. Cruise ships basically don't have any incentive to get with the program. They (probably) have long term contracts with existing providers and they just pass the costs along anyway. Even if they did a
  2. In their latest episode, LVB mentioned that they needed visas to go to Vietnam. Nothing unusual here. They don't seem to be having any issues getting them. But, they did mention they need a visa to leave Australia. That seems particularly weird. Does anyone know the rationale behind that?
  3. Thread Drift ahead. How do super yacht crews or cruise ship crew get taxed? Seven ports in seven days. Does that mean seven tax returns?
  4. The corp would be set up as a S-Corp or partnership. Some sort of pass through entity. The point is not to avoid US income tax, but to avoid realizing income in other taxing entities.
  5. I think you all are forgetting the magic that is CORPORATIONS. To use the example (and I have no actual knowledge of their setup) of Delos above: 1. They set up a corporation - Delos, INC. They set it up somewhere friendly, like Delaware. 2. Delos, INC has a few permanent employees. They get paid a pittance. 3. All that patreon and YouTube and merch profits is paid to Delos, INC. In the US, not anywhere else. 4. So, while in South Africa, St. Helena, Greneda and Brazil, those employees earnings are minuscule. 5. They go back to wherever to visit family, etc.
  6. I don't think that's uniquely a RAN problem. I think they've all had that to a greater or lesser degree. -Delos spent 6 months partying on a beach and getting groceries. -Wynns spent 6 months rescuing kittens. -The Magic Carpet folks spent 6 months stuck in nowheresville, France. -Somebody else was stuck in the St. Martin lagoon. While its better now, no-one is really going anywhere yet. Most of these folks will be stuck until after the hurricane season. Get ready for lots of water maker maintenance videos.
  7. The guy who made this video obviously has read the entirety of this thread. He really only needed three or four minutes though....
  8. Here it is a bit differently. Not a sea shanty anymore, but more of a drinking song.
  9. It makes me question the Yaba folks even more. They bought that hulk just because they wanted too. There was no other ulterior motive.
  10. These folks are actually taking credit for getting the Yaba folks onto YouTube. They are in the same marina.
  11. Would highly recommend the LLC. It should help protect you in the case one of the other two parties does something stupid. With three names on the boat, you are all exposed entirely in to legal action (ie, your house, car, bank accts, etc.). In the LLC, the only thing at risk is the boat. As I'm not a lawyer, you should consult an actual lawyer in MA.
  12. I think this illustrates things nicely....
  13. I've never been to India, but I was in Japan in the 90's with the Navy. The bureaucracy was indeed at a different level. Went to city hall a couple of times to obtain 9 different and differently sized slips of paper, each with it's own stamp and each with departure of a couple of hundred or couple of thousand yen. Rental agreements, insurance you name it - several slips of paper, many stamps. Back then, everything was cash including your rent. I once paid three months rent for three apartments. I was walking around with about $25k in yen. To this day, I've never held so much cash.
  14. This seems a bit over the top to me. Channel 16 is required to be monitored. It's for emergency and hailing. Once contact is established, you're required to switch to a working channel to free up 16. Basic international convention here. There should be no expectation that you're having any sort of private conversation on VHF. Anybody with a receiver can pick it up if they have line of sight with you. And why wouldn't you on a slow day. Especially good to know what the Navy is up to in a place like that. I'm unaware of any tradition against listening in on VHF conversations
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