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  1. I concur... we have a 140sq m A2.5 on our 11m trimaran, and an ATN sock, I was all keen for a flash looking furler but Rodney at Evolution Sails talked me round to a sock, glad he did too, its awesome. You can snuff the sail almost instantly especially when things are going pear shaped. Rodney mentioned a furler will stretch and misshape the sail eventually, so for cruisers a sock is a better sail friendly option. Etienne makes a great product, just works and well built.
  2. Back in the old day, Bullfrog/Verbatim surfing over the bar at Coffs Harbour, starts at 11.00...
  3. Beastly machines! I'm surprised they can fit 3 people onboard considering the size of the bollocks they must have. Wouldn't surprise me if they beat the IMOCA 60's to South America
  4. Fawkin awesome machines, Macif in the lead doing 33kts in 19knts wind, 5m waves.... Tracker here: https://www.brestatlantiques.com/
  5. acquired form behind NZ Heralds stupid paywall.... We can all learn from this terrible accident... Exhausted but overjoyed, Bruce Goodwin thought they had made it. It was Monday and there were grey skies. He went to take over watch from Pedersen above deck while Pedersen's wife, Pamela, and her brother-in-law Steve remained below. Sea conditions were reasonably calm. The wind was 20 knots. It was the sailing group's last day on board the 47-foot yacht travelling from Fiji to New Zealand. The four had a big breakfast planned before going through Customs. But as they
  6. images from Katy Strickland Facebook , Yachting Monthly News and Features editor
  7. Or meld it all into one package with this..... https://www2.vespermarine.com/cortex Make sure you're seated for the price though
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