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  1. A couple of pics on a lockdown walkabout over the harbour from us, Beaugeste getting some work done. I had heard rumours it was getting many $ worth of lifting foils. Anyone shed any light on whats actually happening to her? Beautiful boat btw...
  2. I concur... we have a 140sq m A2.5 on our 11m trimaran, and an ATN sock, I was all keen for a flash looking furler but Rodney at Evolution Sails talked me round to a sock, glad he did too, its awesome. You can snuff the sail almost instantly especially when things are going pear shaped. Rodney mentioned a furler will stretch and misshape the sail eventually, so for cruisers a sock is a better sail friendly option. Etienne makes a great product, just works and well built.
  3. Back in the old day, Bullfrog/Verbatim surfing over the bar at Coffs Harbour, starts at 11.00...
  4. Beastly machines! I'm surprised they can fit 3 people onboard considering the size of the bollocks they must have. Wouldn't surprise me if they beat the IMOCA 60's to South America
  5. images from Katy Strickland Facebook , Yachting Monthly News and Features editor
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