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  1. Thanks much, I did not think of Utah but it is a state of great beauty.
  2. Wow; that sounds pretty idyllic. Had not considered the Philippine Islands but they are now on my radar. Thanks much.
  3. yes, I'm looking forward to checking it out this week. thank you.
  4. Thanks ortegakid, hadn't really thought about Texas. I will now...


    1. ortegakid


      I am from there, my dad was commodore of SDYC in '81. You will not believe how many great sailors are in TX, world class sailors!

    2. ortegakid


      friend me on FB, lots of sailing pix!

  5. Thanks for the response - that area has been part of my thought process. I grew up on the east coast and would spend a week or two at the Outer Banks each summer, very cool area. Coincidentally I'm going to be in Charleston and Savannah next week. Don't want to be in a rural area, need some city life since I've been living in downtown San Diego for a decade. I've gotten used to walking for all I need. Thanks again - much appreciated.
  6. Thanks much for the response. I think my blood has gotten pretty thin living in San Diego so a long winter wouldn't work...so maybe four seasons with a short and mild winter. Excellent ideas; thanks again.
  7. Hello anarchists of the small boat world. I currently live in San Diego and I'm on the search for cool retirement locales that will be fun, have opportunities for sailing, and allow my dollar to go farther than it goes in southern California. Wide open to suggestions. Many thanks.
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