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  1. Nar Jizzie, Dalts promised megayachts, celebrities and hundreds of millions of dollars in ROI to New Zealand. Covid was no fault of New Zealand but, Dalts chose to go ahead with The Cup because he didn't want to loose the technology race. So, as far as we should be concerned, ETNZ is on breach of contract regarding the return to the New Zealand people of the massive investment made. To take The Cup offshore is a further breach of the ROI promise. If they do, they'll lose The Cup. The Swiss will take it off us again. Quote me later if you like.
  2. They promised the earth, they gave us dirt. ETNZ to New Zealand.
  3. I drove past the ETNZ base yesterday. I looked at the achievement in a different way for the first time. This isn't a New Zealand team now for me. Looking offshore to host has put my mindset in a different place. Perhaps, it's the place it always was in reality, a business not a national team. The marketing worked on me because, as it turns out, this is just another venture to grab money and power with a thin veneer of sport over the top. I'm on the edge of whether or not to class Dalts in the same boat as RC and BB. It's close, he's on the gunnel.
  4. Fuck the POMS. Those sucmbags deserve every AC failure behind them and forward for another 180 years.
  5. Dalts is pushing the negotiation process pretty hard this time. It is a game, and he's a master of this stuff. He's a prick. The problem is that if it's held in Auckland with the same class of boat, it'll be hard to tell the difference between AC36 and 37 for him. Dalts is a bit of a change freak and sees the same, same as a failure. Plus, he'd really like to stick it to the NZ Government because he's a grudge holder. I mean, the prick still hates Peter for blasting passed him to win the WB leg to Auckland 32 years ago. He's weak. Team fans and supporters will want AC37 here but, sin
  6. No shit. What about all the small players that supported ETNZ to win the AC? I think they would be pretty pissed that the stuff given free for the AC is now being used for other commercial endeavours. It's not just the local and central Government that'll be looking at Dalts and wondering WTF is going on over there. Bank on this, New Zealand will turn it's back on this team very fast if Dalts takes the circus offshore. I doubt many would approve of the name 'Emirates Team New Zealand' being used either. The whole team would be seen as just another bunch of cunts that sold out to th
  7. What a load of bulldust. The technology leaders of the AC are in New Zealand. Emirates Team New Zealand are a technology company. Dalts has said this many times and I believe it. America, is fast becoming a faded and forgotten former technology leader. England is fading too. Both are only in this thing because bored billionaires need something other than hookers and blow to get their cocks hard. China, Korea and northern European countries are more likely to emerge as a real threat in the next few rounds. And yeah, we won the thing again because we're better at it.
  8. Reading through you soft cocks talking gentlemanly regarding ethics in sporting politics makes me sick with wonder. GD will do whatever's required to keep the cup for his sponsors and the club he's racing for. His tactics are hard, his success undeniable. Trust in his mindset until he fucks it all up and then you can all spit on his failure. My wonder is pity based. Pity on you fools still in here debating bullshit before the stock have eaten. I only poke my nose in every now and then to read what sailbtdate has to say. We won. We choose. Fuck everyone else.
  9. SailGP is not The Americas Cup. Quite why you dunb cunts have this thread in here is beyond me. How about all you fuck-knuckles pull up your pants and go sodomize each other some other place. Fuckin dicks.
  10. I was TRG. I got baptised in the holy spirit and lived again through the forgiveness and love of the internet. Now my sock is older than the hand that was amputated. We won the AC.
  11. Cindy is a bitch and after the four fingers incident where Dalts wanted to ram his dirty dick-skinners up her cooter, she'll most likely be permanently on the blob when it comes to the team. She's fucked anyway and will be out next time and the Greens will be in. Politicians are all faggots.
  12. We won. Next cup is harder to defend according to history. Who will be the naming rights sponsor this time?
  13. 49ers in the roaring forties off the Auckland Islands.
  14. Nar mate. If the Kiwis made the rules, they're fair and reasonable. Look deeper for the intended outcome and you'll see why.
  15. Ok Ed, you make some good points but, the AC has changed from private funding to a corporate marketing machine. This ruins everything it touches. People, the planet and quality of life would all be better without the insatiable greed of corporations. The greedy wealthy don't care for your 12 year old sailing an opti. They just want your cash.
  16. AC75 for three more cycles! By the end of the class, there may be used ones for sale. A converted AC75 to a light weight cruiser with all electric drives may one day blow the Auckland to Suva record.
  17. The Cup and the event stays in New Zealand because they won it. Holding it anywhere else will see thausands turn their back on the team and brand. All you can fuck right off with your bullshit ideas about sponsorship and of holding this thing in Europe. I'll burn everything and watch another code if ETNZ fail Kiwis with this shit.
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