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  1. Well shit. Jimmy and co have lost it. Clearly, they are a bunch of fags and spent too much time inside each other last night. They were ok in the first race but, their jocks got wet and the salt water burned their abraded cocks and moon holes. The pain was too much. They failed. Tonight they'll fuck each other again because they're stupid. Tomorrow, theyll rinse and repeat. As time goes on, the red scabs and red moons will lose. They are afterall, faggots.
  2. It's fucking light out here. Ian's balls are on the line. If you're on a gin palace out here, slow the fuck down or I'll throw my shit at you. Fucking idiots cunts.
  3. The forecasted weather does not take into account the sea breeze. Having said that, the weather may well be very slight. Good for fishing but fuck all else.
  4. Wow, reading all the rhetoric in here, one would think the Kiwis had already lost The Cup. Standby motherfuckers. You're about to order a side of fries with that hat.
  5. A faggot is no longer a reference to sexual orientation. It means something else.
  6. It's lovely to see so many people out watching on a weekday. I'm at work on the line, sorting through recycling as usual. Please people, rinse your milk bottles FFS.
  7. Those handbag faggots have had their ego punished. They'll be bummed out and will try some even dumber shit shortly. Just watch.
  8. I'll post a picture of my wife's tits of Prada win race two.
  9. Hmm. It's pretty bad for you. You're TC and a cunt of a thing.
  10. It's Wednesday morning. Winds this afternoon are from the north to north west at around 15 knots. There will be gusts around 18 to 20 knots. High tide is around 6pm at 2.9 metres, so it's wind with tide and a moderate tidal flow. It's a cool morning and there's going to be lots of showers today. Jimmy has been almost civilised up to this point. His ginger CUNTYNESS will likely float to the surface like an aerated turd that won't flush. His smarmy cockiness will attract the appreciation of bullies and used car salesmen throughout the world. He'll likely raise his voice in frustration at hi
  11. I heard there was an issue. Some of the regular posters would have been forced to interact with their wives. Tomorrow, we finally see what is what. To say I'm personally excited, nervous and optimistic all at the same time is fair. If the secret to a happy life is always having something to look forward to, then I am rich with these things right now. Gods speed boys, it's time to settle things on the water as sailors do.
  12. So, the wind is looking better for Wednesday. NW and around 15 knots at race time. This thing is finally getting serious. All of the efforts what with the dissection, the video, the sneeky pictures and the rhetoric from all of you here has been entertaining but, now it's up to the men and women of these teams to see who actually has the minerals, skills and gear to pull this thing off. May the very best team win. And after. We start all over again.
  13. Spose, it's better than the hairy dwarf ginger picture you currently have. You're sick.
  14. 61 knots after a bareaway in 18 knots TWS. On the same day, 56 knots in 17 knots TWS during a deep reach. This speed was averaged over a run of 2.6 NM. Good luck Red Moon.
  15. Radio New Zealand has a good website. Twitter isn't bad if you filter it well. It's hard to trust one news source these days as opinion gets injected into journos work these days. What I do know is, The New Zealand Herald is off my read list. stuff.co.nz is good for breaking news.
  16. The NZH is fast eroding any respectable journalistic credibility. They have targeted ETNZ for years and claimed all sorts of scandal that, everytime is found to be baseless. I wouldn't give them the steam off my piss. There's plenty of credible places to get your daily spiel from. The bouncer outside the casino knows more of what's going on than the NZH.
  17. An old workmate sailor who lives at Beachlands has been watching TNZ sailing through the waters out front. He just happens to be a former RNZ navigator with some pretty good trigonometry skills. I've asked him a few times about judging speed from a single fixed point over an estimated distance. I got a complex answer and examples from the German method used by U-boat skippers in WW2. The point he nailed me with was that telling a speed difference between 40 and 50 knots at a distance of 1 NM is simple to see. "Just get them to sail the same line twice, once at 40 knots and once at 50 kno
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