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  1. Who's misogynistic now? Cuntbag? Where's the shaming police?
  2. Jimmy's younger and most likely fitter. Dalts wouldnt have a problem fighting dirty so, I'd prolly sit on the fence on that one. Earle carries a knife so, yeah he'd win.
  3. Yeah. And it's Wogs not Wops. If were at a point where we cannot laugh at such terms, them the world is turning to shit. Soon I won't be able to call my best friend from college, "Slope" even though his name is Lun Chen and he got so sick of being called luncheon that he started introducing himself as Slope. Yeah, he's Chinese.
  4. Fuck you trigger easier than a premenstrual 40 year old fat chic. The vast majority of the team are New Zealanders. Calling them Arabs is just childish. As for Dalts, he'd knock your head off if you had the minerals to say gobshite like that to his face. The AC is a tactical game on, and off the water. Smell your shit breath and wake up buddy.
  5. Rob Muldoon said the same thing once.
  6. SA isn't the real world. Most of the big mouths in here are likely mild mannered and lovely people. We all need a place where we can be that horrible cunt that in real life we are not. In here, we say what we like, bait the dumb fish and have a little fun. If you're after some different thinking and very sharp ideas on how the AC world works then, there is no better place outside the teams than this. New Zealanders are the same as every other people with a few exceptions around our work ethic, social ideas and attitude toward honesty and self integrity. We have jobs, bills, hobbies
  7. All of this would make a great film. Just not sure if it'd be a docudrama, comedy or horror film. Bruce Willis could play Dalts. Who'd play Jimmy and Sir Ben?
  8. Exactly. Politics and sport are not good bedfellows. Yes, this is the Americas Cup. Yes, there's as many court decisions as there are bows crossing the finish line. Yes, there's hundreds of millions of dollars at stake. Yes, the competition should be held on the water and yes, rules are rules and Tina claiming some moral bullshit about local businesses and crowd management is utter nonsense. The situation isn't complex. It's all about the return on investment for all parties. This is after all, a regatta albeit a major one. Get on with the racing and nevermind everything
  9. Spot on. Except they don't because they have powerful money masters to satisfy against their investment. The answer to 9 out of 10 questions. Money.
  10. Don't think for a moment that Cindy is easily intimidated. She's a savage and smart woman with more grit than anyone in power in NZ. She is a total control freak and is quiet in her viciousness. When men call her a bitch it's because, she's hard and almost always right and they don't like it. If she were a man, they'd call her a cunt. Dalts is a control freak too. An extrovert who has no problem going old school and ripping his team a new asshole when they fuck things up. He's a gym junkie, a boardroom closer and an egotistical fucking nightmare. What do these two people have in com
  11. The problem is that in here, if you filter through the gobshite, is a lot of great insights and knowledge shared. One becomes fairy up to date and a couch expert with enough stuff rammed into our gray matter to impress at almost any level. We have all experienced it no doubt when we talk about the AC75 in company and find we know a lot more than other people. It's easy to impress. The media folk have to feed the masses information at a 12 year old level as not to freak the community out with too much nomenclature and techy stuff. That said, they still pass on opinion as fact that i
  12. Everyone has a release mechanism or they snap and really fail.
  13. I'm failing to see the misogyny there. If he'd said, "a bunch of blokes who no nothing about foiling boats" would you have commented? As for the comment on Maori, that was a sock act for sure. Reacting to bullies and trolls is exactly what they're wanting to see. Don't let them live in your mind rent free. We'll see racing soon and the wogs will thrash the limey bastards.
  14. Even people in Winton are watching it. People in Whataroa are watching it. People in Greytown are watching it. You're watching it. Mudtrack cowboys and flatlanders are most likely crying about the lack of WWF on TV. Fuck them.
  15. It won't be that much. More like 10 or 15 mil. And if it's zero they'll just take the cup somewhere else. The Tourism Board spend 80 mil on advertising NZ every year so, this investment is cheap when you consider how many people watch The Cup. How many people stuck in their houses overseas right now are seeing people partying with no masks on and getting the impression NZ is fucking amazing. It is.
  16. Declaring a win is not the same as winning. Ask Donald Trump.
  17. No, it shouldn't. The racing is much better on TV than in person. We've been out on our boat a couple of times now and it's near impossible to see more than the top of the sails breeze by or boats way off in the distance. The internet coverage out there is terrible on any network so, trying to stream it while you're on the water is pointless. That, with the fucking idiot visa skippers who don't no nor give a fuck about anyone but themselves makes for a nervous experience. The TV coverage has been excellent. I'm not into big crowds ATM so wouldn't be amoungst the ugly people turning up to
  18. Not so fast there. If your vessel is self contained as in, it has cooking facilities, a toilet and refrigerator and bed etc, you can ask the Harbour Master and Maritime Police for permission to isolate at sea. Many did this during Level 4 even and didn't have too many issues. If you're in a 6 metre fizz boat, you'll be told to stay at home.
  19. We all hope so. America used to lead the world in politics and betterment contributions. The rise of the Right has everyone freaking the fuck out. The vaccine isn't free for countries to help themselves to. There is an ROI on the costs incurred in the development. New Zealanders I talk to are exceptionally appreciative of our position and have their own opinions as to why we're so sheltered from the plague. One difference is that, our Government put rules in place and we agreed and complied with very very few exceptions. We are free.
  20. Half your population voted in a fucking madman that put the world on edge for four long years. Once the virus struck, the people refused to wear masks or limit social contact because it was, "an infringement of our God given rights". This was encouraged by the President. The USA has 1,000 deaths a day because too many of their people are a bunch of arrogant idiots! Your former President cancelled the US's contribution to the WHO for fucks sakes. Israel spends four times the USA on medical research and has come up with their own vaccines that they're giving freely to the world. Save
  21. And people give me shit for posting disgusting stuff.
  22. There's plenty of young guns in the UK. Montel Fagan-Jorden is young but absolutely a better sailor than Ben.
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