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  1. Well the first mistake Ineos made was hiring Sir Ben. He's a class A cock. He's making silly calls and fucking it up.
  2. Congratulations Prada fans. Another clinical day on the water. The boat looks absolutely stunning.
  3. Hahahahaha fucking losers. Sir chokes alot fails again.
  4. Don't bank on it. The lights didn't go out in the shed all night. There was a fair bit of work going on in there.
  5. Oh. It's already 15 knots at course A gusting to 18.
  6. Well, eastily winds can be a bit strange round here. Low tide at 4:30ish. The gusts will be over the wind limit but, the middling winds will be spot on for some thrilling roundings. Bank on 15 to 18 knots eastily winds. I haven't read which course they'll use but, course A or D will do. Course D will have leftover wind against tide chop. Course A will have high frequency short chop. As for the next three days. May as well mow the lawn as they'll be no racing. Best go down the marina and make sure stuff isn't gonna go all flappy and noisey.
  7. The Prada Cup finals are going to be epic today. Carnage time.
  8. Would you like tomato sauce with that hat you're gonna eat?
  9. New Zealand's bike foamers need to go to The Netherlands to see how you actually form a cycle network. What we have here is straight up garbage, an embarrassment and as usual, a dollar and a day late. Cyclists shouldn't be on the same carriageway as cars at all. They should have their own path to share with e-bikes, small IC and electric scooters and other exposed and wheeled technology. The road is for cars and bicyclists should have their own space. If nothing else but, to keep the fuck out of my way.
  10. Nope. You're wrong. The conversation was about the term JAFA regarding Aucklanders not, the delicious round lolly that we used to roll down the stairs in cinemas.
  11. I'm at the top of the course. It's 7 knots. Let's race!
  12. Fucking exactly. Dalts isn't a supid old fool when it comes to revenue generation. When it comes to knitting, he's fucking useless.
  13. As for the wind today. Low tide is around 15:30. The afternoon sea breeze will kick in from about 15:00 onward and be circa 10 to 15 knots NE. The first race will be delayed by an hour and it'll be a slug fest with boats falling off the foils and shift conditions. Be sure to hang at the downwind end as they'll likely change the course angle as the breeze fills in. Or, I'm wrong as usual. It's harder to pick than a broken nose. @ Tiri Island and there's a hint of a breeze starting.
  14. No there is not. JAFA stands for, "Just another fucking Aucklander".
  15. Auckland. The people who bag it are people who have not stayed long enough, ventured far enough or have even been there. Auckland is a melting pot of many cultures with around 30% of the population being immigrants. It is very diverse as busy or quiet as you like. From the Otara Markets to the Ponsonby strip, you'll find happy helpful people in Auckland. All suburbs have their own identity and the community spirit is as strong as any small town throughout Aotearoa. The Hauraki Gulf is truly a gift from the Gods for the Auckland population. As a location to sail, motorboat or si
  16. It's a game where boys wear pads because they're scared of a bruise and it takes about 3 hours of boring shit before it's finally over and you can wake up. It's not popular in New Zealand, nor is Thanks Giving, the 4th of July or any other stupid American thing. I mean, The World Series of Baseball, give me a break. The only thing good about America is the entertainment it brings by way of their stupidity and laughable idea that they're free and "the greatest nation on earth". Pffft. The standard of living there is third world for the vast majority. You idiots voted in a raci
  17. The topic is horrible to considder. For myself who's been a fan of Team New Zealand throughout all its iterations, the thought of them leaving to run The Americas Cup in another country would put the whole team in the same judgement class as BB and RC were when they defected to the great coastal nation of Switzerland. (Regardless of reasoning) Dalts would be run off the road on his way home riding his Ducati and beaten with broom handles. The Parada Cup can happen anywhere with whatever form they so choose but, the Americas Cup should be held within the defending nation's border unl
  18. If Emirates Team New Zealand were to base their operations in another country they wouldn't be Emirates Team New Zealand any longer. They are a massive team with a huge investment in a boat building facility, local named sponsors, intermediate sponsors and over 50 official suppliers. They would lose the support of local and central Government as well as the majority of the people of New Zealand.
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