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  1. Certainly the right decision! And yes, great effort to the management team who also went out of their way to accept entries based in the UK. I cannot wait for next season of Class40 racing.
  2. Certainly was! It's a shame too because it's looking like a great race. Redman is hugely impressive considering she came out of the shed less than 10 days ago...
  3. Confirmation of no T-Foil Rudders... Also confirmation of The Ocean Race Europe. An interesting read. https://www.imoca.org/en/news/news/the-imoca-general-meeting-has-chosen-the-way-forward-with-a-full-race-programme-for-the-2021-2025-cycle
  4. While I don't want to disagree with you I don't think IMOCA would be overly concerned. Pre COVID they had 35 entries into the VG - admittedly not all will now make it but they still found themselves oversubscribed and had to increase capacity to accommodate additional entries.
  5. 11th Hour Racing have never had any intention of competing in the VG. The boat is a training boat for the team and a way to spend some of their bottomless google funded budget. My question though is how can you accurately test new foils, for a new boat on an old boat they're not designed for? Equally if they're built and designed for their current boat then why? My understanding is that once the new boat is out of the shed they'll be going record hunting until they finally pull the plug on TOR. Imagine being stuck with their current and their new build 60 with no race to go to... Ooops
  6. This is cute and I love your optimism but of all the teams listed in IMOCA - only one is a confirmed team (11th Hour). Boris certainly doesn't have the money. A couple could make it but I wouldn't hold your breath. No new 65s will be built and most are in the hands of private individuals looking for funding. A couple of the existing 65s don't even intend on being on the start line.
  7. Well that's the official announcement out! Unfortunately I do not believe it will make one iota of difference. A European event in 2021? An Ocean Race that starts at the same time as the Route du Rhum? All that is going to happen is that the IMOCA Class will be split in two making things really sodding difficult. That said the splitting in two would be on the basis someone other than 11th Hour Racing gets the money to do TOR which won't happen. So meh maybe we won't see much change after all... https://www.theoceanrace.com/en/news/12596_The-Ocean-Race-reboots-with-announcement-of-10-year-
  8. From my understanding Skippers who pay dues to IMOCA have voting rights. Beyond that sponsors or others who own boats also have the ability to vote too. Anyway, can we go back to talking about boats?
  9. Fiji you're right! They may not be covered and i'm no insurance specialist however i'd imagine there are huge arguments going on about the definition of 'Act of God' and 'Forced Majeure'... Government certificates can also be provided when dealing with issues of Forced Majeure which might provide some relief. Either way I don't think we'll see any AC racing until New Zealand or a year long postponement.
  10. Absolutely. When an event is cancelled due to government legislation the decision is made for you and liability is withdrawn from organisers. The timing of cancellations are linked to who cancelled events and definitions within event cancellation insurance policies. If ACWS cancel they have made the decision and will i'm sure be open to significant losses.
  11. Indeed. McIntyre and his wacky races will kill someone. Watch this space, it's going to get uglier before it gets any better...
  12. You're absolutely right. Is this the excuse management were looking for in order to cancel the event and regroup? In my opinion this is a huge blessing in disguise for the event.
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