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  1. ETNZ put on a very cool "Thank you" event last night for suppliers, the crew were way more relaxed this time! They start the deep dive review this week, very interesting to hear them openly share the need for a vastly different defender series and just how fast Te Rehatai was capable of......"The speeds thrown about in the media were close to accurate"... Reading above, some of the team exit rumours are not true according to a few I spoke to last night.
  2. https://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/americas-cup/124649554/americas-cup-team-uk-willing-to-defend-auld-mug-in-auckland-in-2024-if-they-beat-team-nz-in-deed-of-gift-challenge
  3. Left field thinking.... The NZ govt need to think smarter, 65% of our teams cost is people. Instead of govt cash why not remove GST and Income tax for the team and crew?
  4. I wonder if they will put her back in the water to see what she really could do in the 15-20 kts range with added sailing knowledge. Then again, by the time they sort the DoG the team will be back to rusty again. Would/Will be so good to see her fly again.
  5. Q. Is this the first time in the history of the cup that a team has/is trying to set a rule beyond the next cycle? To which may follow, a new defender could simply write a new rule overruling anything prior? Getting heavy for a Friday afternoon, beer, I think I can finally stomach a beer after Wednesday night.
  6. Which means the current built boats just gained in resale value.
  7. Amazing to watch your talent grow @weta27. What is next for you, will you head down to Sail GP or perhaps offer your services to a team here in Auckland for reconnaissance?
  8. Question, YouTube Port Entry camera, 1:04:58. Jimmy comments about ETNZ high mode then says they are 4kts faster. He didn't say a few but instead was specific. Does each team get the other boats data or how would he have known this?
  9. What a regatta, I went back to some of the earliest posts in channels with hundreds of pages, some posts did not age well! Awesome chapter in the AC story, a few people kicked out of here, some found new talent and shared incredible insights. I'd be keen to have a beer with anyone in Auckland, have a laugh about the cup and some stories of SA. Wanted to say cheers for those that contributed quality comments, I hope we get to see these boats used again soon as training wheels, until then, the AC37 story starts today.
  10. Few patches of glass. A breeze has just arrived with some pressure out by the container ships.
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