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  1. WakaNZ

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Did anyone capture or see this? "Team New Zealand had one alarming moment during training on Tuesday, with Te Rehutai leaping skyward at one stage before Burling calmly brought it under control"
  2. More time for tweaking and testing.
  3. WakaNZ

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    The foreign bid process closes on February 28, can’t wait for these to leaked.
  4. WakaNZ

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Cheers for the link, good interview. Then again, not sure I would like it if they were all picking LRPP
  5. WakaNZ

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Is that another good photoshop example?
  6. WakaNZ

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    Has this been posted here before? (gave up looking after 4 pages back)
  7. WakaNZ

    Prada Cup

    Stink...was wanting to see Jimmy front that conference.....
  8. WakaNZ

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Agree, I wondered if ETNZ had it all along, only deciding now to bring it out to mess with heads.
  9. WakaNZ

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    FFS _ Each time I check back for ETNZ updates.....Take the covid/vaccine talk elsewhere. Please
  10. WakaNZ

    Prada Cup

    Apologies if already posted. I scanned several pages but the forums have been busy the last 24 hours! IMG_2179.mov
  11. WakaNZ

    Prada Cup

    Tucked up at the top mark. It’s fresh! Ineos doing laps. LR just started warming up.