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  1. This has been an awesome story to follow, so thanks for posting all the work details! Seems like you guys have maybe rounded 3rd and are heading for home. Any idea, at this point, when you think you'll be back in the water?
  2. If you're done IP networking, think of czone as a switched network.
  3. Totally on-board with cameras. Super useful and not exactly a high-maintenance system.
  4. It's really fun being able to follow along like this. Love the batteries and dumbells!
  5. Beautiful boat! How much have the interior dimensions (head room, hull width, etc) expanded vs the 68?
  6. A bird blackcat in the hand water is worth two in the bush CG video.
  7. So 4 minutes separated Power Play and Argo in the end? That's a great battle!
  8. So no bespoke carbon booms via Amazon Prime 1-day delivery in the Caribbean? :p
  9. Bummer about Shockwave losing their boom... https://www.sail-world.com/news/226634/Caribbean-Multihull-Challenge-day-2
  10. Nice to hear that #5 is in the pipeline, what with all the doom-and-gloom around the state of things at Gunboat. Congratulations on your success thus far, hopefully it will continue. It's a beautiful boat!
  11. Nevermind, I just read your comment in the Gunboay 68 thread that you went with the servo-prop. Hopefully you'll post back some real-world experience with it, it's very interesting technology.
  12. Did you go with standard sail drive blade props or their variable-pitch servoprop?
  13. If you have questions about the current Moonwave setup and it's performance, use the contact link on their website. I was curious if they thought an all-electric installation was viable on a platform like the Gunboat given their experience. Sebastien was kind enough to email back the next day. He said they seriously considered it for their most recent refit, but opted for hybrid due to the inability to keep the batteries charged in certain situations (extended periods at anchor with no sun). He also sited the safety implications should they ever completely be beholden to motoring.
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