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  1. yes they look very cool!
  2. whoever decided not to release the backstay ? personally i think the hull was not built stiff enough and so they were in the habit of leaving backstays on to reduce the rudder judder.
  3. yes EXCEPT if they somehow are bringing the center of effort of the foil outboard
  4. hang on that is only true in take off and minimal winds! over a fairly low limit RM is weight weight of boat * distance to foil size of foil completely irrelevant (to RM) in high winds
  5. yes bring on the WOMPER! bow tube (with aero cap) lets have some real sail handling hopefully next time i think
  6. hmmm I did wonder if ineos was having so many problems with the FCS because they were trying to Jack themselves up from displacement.
  7. Going by windy.com I think we well might see CZ this week. if they can race at all
  8. rule 87a.2 helicopter wash may only be used to assist one yacht not to dis-mast an opponent rule102c.4 each boat shall carry a paint gun. any boat with paint marks on its port side is penalized no other manner of determining right of way shall apply
  9. show off! still might be useful if they headed towards a gazillion$ spectator yacht
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