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    Gunboat 68

    This video does a fair job explaining the differences and reasons for different applications, from a race car perspective. I'm in the auto racing industry, we use kevlar mostly in aero parts, and carbon fiber for the body panels themselves. Things like winglets, diffusers, endplates etc., kevlar is really good. I'm not sure of the loads seen in boat building, but everything Greenflash said makes total sense for the thicknesses and ratings they're using.
  2. jedi

    Gunboat 68

    I'm not a dummy account. This was the first thread I've actually read on this site, and I happen to like it so I started an account. Like most, I'm appreciative of the Gunboat insiders actually taking the time to comment here, and think its rude and inconsiderate to fuck up the thread with your bullshit so I said something. This is the last time I'll respond to you, since you called me out specifically I figured I'd give my .02.
  3. jedi

    Gunboat 68

    You must be fun at parties. Thanks for cocking up an awesome thread with inside info on one of the coolest boats ever made. Well done.
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