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  1. I would argue "Free Range Sailing"..... A YouTube couple that have sailed around the Australian continent, on a low budget by eating off the sea!!!!!!!! They have a well detailed......... (right way of doing things.......... Patrick Childress kinda way:-) series of refit videos on the Youtube. It is certainly worth a watch:-!!!!! Am I wrong:-? PLEASE in SA fashion, TELL ME I AM:-!!!!!!!!!! I love starting fun banter:-)
  2. That Dragonfly seemed like a slick unit. However, it seems to be discontinued. :(
  3. I am looking for opinions on budget electronics, as I am a single Parent on an MPS teachers budget. I am looking for a basic GPS/fish-finder (real time depth) for under 500 dollars. I have found some for fishing boats, but they come with transducers to be mounted on the transom of fishing boats that requires drilling holes in the fiberglass transom. I have read discussions, but not reviews, of how skimmer transducers work epoxied in front of the keel in the bilge, reading through the hull. Has anyone done it????? does it work????? I have a thru-hull for an old depth sounder, but those
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