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  1. Interesting post race interview
  2. I have anchor fore and aft. If its only a lunch stop, i use the aft anchor. If i use the fore anchor as primary, i just drop the aft anchor down on the bottom. Takes it up again if the wind changes, or we shall stay the night.
  3. Lots of good advice, it might have been mentioned, but I like to have a plastic bottle / container for urinating, dont like the over-the-side routine any more...
  4. What do uou think about lense colors? I tried blue for the fashion said so, but got head ache. Now I use black glasses. Yellow in dusk / dark if windy.
  5. Some pics in this tread: a Norwegian sailor bought one in Croatsia (?), had it shipped home. I read on the net that the boat was fine after the crossing, and accepted by the owner.
  6. You will find photos from the cargo holds and deck taken after the tow was completed...: https://www.nrk.no/mr/se-bilder-fra-eemslift-hendrika-som-havarerte-i-norskehavet-1.15452275?index=0#album-1-15453410 In the holds there were 60 tons (60 000 kg) trusters for offshore rigs moving about, made hole in a ballast tank.
  7. The owner of the sail boat thinks that the distance between keel and hull made room for the green sea over deck and helped the sail boat survive on deck, so it is his 'lucky color':-)
  8. Nice vid showing boats, ships AND Norwegian coastline / fjords:-) https://www.vgtv.no/video/216256/nye-dronebilder-av-eemslift-hendrika more stuff: https://www.vgtv.no/video/216224/slik-beveget-skipet-seg-i-natt The show is over now, frighter arrived in port. It went sour last night, they thought the ship would drift south parallell to the cost, but suddenly it changed trajectory (not everybody was suprised by that..., armchair worriers in Norway also...). But no oil spill. If it was my sail boat standing on the keel and supports through that weather, I wold like some NDT b
  9. Official update in english: https://www.kystverket.no/en/News/eemslift-hendrika-is-secured--wil-be-towed-to-safe-harbour/ The runaway boat is chaught, and in good shape: The tug is underway, they have a deep fjord in mind, to get to shelter without debris getting stuck on the bottom, the crane boom is suspected to be still attatched.
  10. The motor yacht on deck is a Windy 58 https://www.google.com/search?q=windy+58&rlz=1C1GCEU_noNO821NO821&oq=windy+58&aqs=chrome..69i57j0l2j0i22i30l7.2599j0j15&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
  11. Found a picture of the sailboat originally secured in Croatia, for the first leg. It has been re-arranged since.
  12. More pictures: the sailboat is a Elan E5, bought in Kroatia
  13. Operation has started now, salvage crew (deployed by helicopter) on deck. Night-time now, but the authorities is taking the lead, the action is visible from land now.
  14. Update 08.00 local time: (google translate): Planning towing the casualty today There is still a risk that the ship could capcize and pose an environmental hazard. The tugboats BB Ocean and Normand Drott arrived the night of Wednesday leading up to the crash site. The tugboats have been hired by the Dutch salvage company Smit Salvage. They are scheduled to tow the ship to shore on Wednesday morning, but first people must be hoisted from a helicopter to attach tow ropes. W
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