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  1. Tiresome at the best, scary / expensive… YMMV…
  2. ..when your anchor ‘pops out’, it’s time to engage motor and get the crystal off the table…
  3. Quick google search did not help…
  4. …not to us either, before we used it first time on a delivery along the Norwegian west coast. We had 20 meters with halyard above the sail up to the mast head and the vibration was so violent we ended up taking the trysail down and sail only with a no5 yankee.
  5. … what I mean is if the length from gooseneck to top of mast is 20 m, the total luff tape on the try sail needs to be 19,5m , even if the sail itself is only 3 m high. So it is a long strap with luff tape beeing fed into the mast groove / mast track (?) or a separate mast groove if main sail has sliders (?). My cruiser with in-mast rolling main has a separate track next to the main sail slot.
  6. may be wrong word / i saw it used up tread and thougt it was correct.. Is luff tape the right word...? The point is the halyard must be attached to the mast above the try sail. I was sailing a 90 feet Maxirater with 100 feet mast, and with a short trysail the slamming against the mast was violent and actually treatening...
  7. I’ve used a try sail once. The halyard was beating the mast as crazy, so a pennant to minimise free halyard length is vital.
  8. If you can sail a dinghi you have covered 10%. Learn 12 V, in-mast reefing, wc and holding tanks, windlass, stern-to mooring, diesel breathing. Navigation is easy, in daylight. Do you feel comfortable with the responsibility for 10 lives on the sea? Or hire a crewed 50 feet.
  9. Sounds like a sail you should take down and fold / roll after use. How can you furl i loose when it is blowing?
  10. I have a raymarine st6001 and BG Vulcan on the same network. I make a route or a ‘go to cursor’ on the plotter, have the AP on auto, then press ‘track’ , confirmes after a few seconds, and the autopilot takes me where the plotter wants to go. But you need them to talk together…
  11. Hard to find one top that will be your go-to for power boat, coaching and offshore bow. 28-35 deg summer and 4 deg night on the rail. I have several accumulated over the years. But only one salopette.
  12. She’s in port. Broken winch
  13. Is there an updated list of retiered boats somewhere..?
  14. Any chance to log on to the skippers briefing…, or do I need a password…?
  15. I just bought these, good fit and it comes with a strap. https://www.julbo.com/en_gb/sunglasses/mountain/regatta#216=159&318=2436
  16. Interesting post race interview
  17. I have anchor fore and aft. If its only a lunch stop, i use the aft anchor. If i use the fore anchor as primary, i just drop the aft anchor down on the bottom. Takes it up again if the wind changes, or we shall stay the night.
  18. Lots of good advice, it might have been mentioned, but I like to have a plastic bottle / container for urinating, dont like the over-the-side routine any more...
  19. What do uou think about lense colors? I tried blue for the fashion said so, but got head ache. Now I use black glasses. Yellow in dusk / dark if windy.
  20. Some pics in this tread: a Norwegian sailor bought one in Croatsia (?), had it shipped home. I read on the net that the boat was fine after the crossing, and accepted by the owner.
  21. You will find photos from the cargo holds and deck taken after the tow was completed...: https://www.nrk.no/mr/se-bilder-fra-eemslift-hendrika-som-havarerte-i-norskehavet-1.15452275?index=0#album-1-15453410 In the holds there were 60 tons (60 000 kg) trusters for offshore rigs moving about, made hole in a ballast tank.
  22. The owner of the sail boat thinks that the distance between keel and hull made room for the green sea over deck and helped the sail boat survive on deck, so it is his 'lucky color':-)
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