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  1. That means Jimmy is safe at Luna Rossa and Deano can have another crack with NYYC. That leaves room for an Aussie challenge with Nathan at the helm.
  2. Watch the presser. Blair said they gybed in a lull and through LR gas. Would have been ok with either but both was their mistake. Francisco said the tack was marginal but possible if they executed perfectly, but they made a few mistakes in the tack.
  3. I believe Blair said in the presser that Te Rehutai was sailing with a Code 3 in the second race but the 1.5 would have been better in hindsight. Can’t see a need to for a zero based on that.
  4. NIWA forecast was pretty accurate yesterday, hopefully not today!
  5. My guess would be 10-14. It’s pretty warm today so another couple of hours baking the land could shake out a little more pressure.
  6. 11 from N at Rangi lighthouse right now. Sea breeze has been filling in over the last 20-30 mins. Looking like it could be similar wind range to R1&2.
  7. It’s a reaching start, not a windward start so head to wind is parallel to the line. Therefore there is no tack onto port.
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