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  1. Seems a bit pointless trying to multi quote 10 different posts from the past couple of days into a single post. I simply replied to each... at least there's no doubting what message I was responding to with each. But if it's poor form of me to post 5 or 6 times in succession, I'll just not post. Point taken. Right now, I need this like I need a hole in the head so will probably just retreat to the shadows and watch the forums scroll by.
  2. So you weren't slapping me then...? Oh, what's that you say? Actually... you were...? That's kinda what I thought. So... I've been looking to see whether I can restrict a user or users from viewing my posts... So far as I can see, the poster doesn't have that option - seems only the reader can block posts by selected others from appearing on their forum feed. Maybe you could do me a favour and do that for my posts. Or if it does exist, tell me where the option can be found as I'll gladly apply it for you. Cheers.
  3. Date I suggest... perhaps also why American syndicates have a pretty winning record in matters that make it that far...
  4. Never mind. I just won't post if it upsets your sensibilities so. Or perhaps you could just not read what I post. I really really really appreciate discussing this in open forum...
  5. One hand people are complaining that the AC75 doesn't have relevance to the sailing masses because it's simply alien.... pushed the design envelope out too far, beyond the ability of most to fathom how to sail it... let alone sail one. On the other hand, that double skin sails (which might have a wider role in more everyday vessels of the future) should be replaced by solid wings... because outright performance, impact on budget and impact on vessel resilience in the face of unplanned manoeuvres are less important than outright performance and shooting for the design stars. Al
  6. Look to the deed to see who presides over legal issues pertaining to the Americas Cup... the New York Supreme Court is the court of first instance...
  7. Welcome to the Americas Cup... Sign up and ride the roller coaster... Or shut up and get off... - Rules weren't too late. And to the Defender (and to a lesser extent the CoR) go the (earned) spoils... - Arms and FCS late... Look to the CoR for that... that's a Challenger f'up and affected everyone, ETNZ probably most as the others at least had mule programs - Wind limits late... Look to CoR for that also... Yes ETNZ also involved, but CoR tried to strong-arm, their own selfish position (perhaps owing to structural design issues) without even communicating with the other c
  8. More pertinent point being that CoR would need some reasonable prospect of succeeding in any action...
  9. 4 hours ago, smackdaddy said: “For the moment I would say no, because there is no element indicating that the races can be postponed. The more pertinent point perhaps is that the current protocol provides no basis for a postponement of the event. Yes, D/CoR could put heads together and agree a postponement, but with at least a 6 month deferral required under the provisions of the deed in lieu of a northern hemisphere re-location which I think we can all safely assume won't be on the ETNZ agenda, the impacts on budgets and a means of ensuring fairness across the par
  10. There wasn't one for Portsmouth - it was cancelled by the organisers. https://emirates-team-new-zealand.americascup.com/en/news/440_STATEMENT-REGARDING-THE-CANCELLATION-OF-EMIRATES-ACWS-PORTSMOUTH-EVENT.html
  11. Don't be so sure... In the hands of the American courts... anything would be possible.
  12. Actually... only their event planning management team got shot-canned as you put it, not their sailing/syndicate management. And to be fair there was little need for them by then, with no Cagliari or Portsmouth.
  13. Actually... the teams may well have hands tied... from ETNZ on out through the CoR and other challengers. No issue of honour involved. Without changes to the protocol (and there are real and pressing limits to what changes might readily be accommodated given you'd be looking at a min 6 month delay if not sailed in the NZ summer of 2021) the status quo is maintained, challenging competitors present ad ready to sail or not. So, on that footing AC36 probably comes to fruition -sailed or not - in March 2021. Then perhaps on to AC37 in March 2023 (assuming the AC75's are preserved)...fo
  14. Yes, there is such a provision, but it was included prior to ETNZ securing the commitment of the NZ government and Auckland City Council to provide the infrastructure they wished to have in place to support bases, spectators, viewing etc for AC36. At its simplest the gambit was.. come to the party with infrastructure or we'll go sail this in Italy. (I think the Middle East was also mooted at one point but from memory only the location of the CoR made it into the document) - and the reference to dates was to ensure that regardless which hemisphere the event was sailed in, it would not be
  15. Level One is only contemplated being returned to following completion of 28 days straight with no new cases... As of today that day count reset once more with one new case recorded.So yes, in all probability at least July, possibly August. All continuing to go well. The 14 day quarantine undergone by NZ'ers might be a 28 day one for Non-Australian international guests fwiw.
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