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  1. Hoping someone here may have some info: the picture below is most likely for where this beautiful boat (a German Frers 3/4 tonner) was with it's 2nd owner (not 100% sure, yet most likely 2nd owner not first); F7554 as her sailing number, operated from Port Vendres (the 1st and/or 2nd owner member of the GYC (very likely being: Gruissan Yacht Club). Any info is welcomed We try to make the info complete (also on histoiredeshalves (http://www.histoiredeshalfs.com/Trois Quart/Trois Quart tonner Liste.htm)). (this boat is a sister ship to La Rafolie who also sailed from this area (F7440))
  2. TimeZero iBoat. Which also allows for planning your route on a PC and use the route on your iPad. The link to their website: https://mytimezero.com/tz-iboat Beneficial: they serve large maps at competitive prices (cheaper then iSailor after Wartsila took them over; and screwed all previous users over with lifetime free updates to the purchased maps..)
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