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  1. Kyle McDonald

    "We, the Voyagers" Polynesian voyaging documentary

    Part 2 is online! This is the film that everyone should watch if they're interested in the details of traditional navigation tech: swell navigation, star path navigation, wind navigation, etc.
  2. Kyle McDonald

    "We, the Voyagers" Polynesian voyaging documentary

    Great idea! In some ways "We, the Navigators" represents the beginning of this story. David Lewis writes about sailing with Tevake from Taumako, and in this film we hear more from Tevake's steersman Te Aliki Kaveia. One of the filmmakers, Dr. Marianne George, was initially connected to Taumako through work with David Lewis in the early 90s.
  3. Hi everyone! I'm a volunteer for the Vaka Taumako Project. We're releasing a couple new hour-long films about traditional seafaring from Taumako in the East Solomon Islands. Part 1 was just released last week, and Part 2 will be out this Friday. We're fundraising to support the ongoing work to keep this culture alive. But to make sure it's accessible to everyone, it's also available for free. I'll post the second video here on Friday. If you'd like more updates after that, follow us on Facebook!