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  1. Here we have a Swede 55 with a very "colourful" history... http://euroscoutinfo.com/2014/05/19/the-almirante-warrington-baden-powell-the-story-of-a-sea-scout-yacht-in-the-azores/
  2. I might say the same. Is yours up on the dry yet? We intend to pull Arwen out of the water some day this week - ice is coming :-) You are of course welcome anytime!
  3. Hello everybody, on may 30 this year, after a five year search, we finally did it. We (the family) are now proud owners of Swede 55 n:o 2. This boat actually belonged to Mr Olof Hildebrand himself in the early beginning, but he was persuaded (after only one year) to sell the boat to Mr Gunnar Landegren here in Sweden who sailed the boat to a lot of victories in competition. We are very happy and thankful to all it's previous owners, not least to Janne and Jens who we bought the boat from, for putting so much love and money into maintaining her. If I understand all the historical data here
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