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  1. Yes, and boats that don’t ever leave the slip and may not even run, full of drunk people in orange, many nights!
  2. @DDW fantastic info, thanks for that! I will check the plastic fittings out and see their status. I’m at south beach marina harbor, you?
  3. @DDW They are close to the waterline - thank you, I will look into the health and potential replacement for those. @Diamond Jim I will look for a locknut, and I’m going to replace all the clamps on the hoses - a couple of them look like 316 bands with some other steel for the bolts and they’re rusting out. Thanks all, this is great info - exactly the kind of perspective I was hoping for. I’ll also look at the flexibility of that tube to make sure it’s still good, and look at the other two through-hulls. I’ve been a longtime lurker, and this is my first post on SA - what a great cre
  4. Thank you! I didn’t want to try in case I broke it off without a plan, but that’s reassuring!
  5. Previous owner of the new to me, but not to the world, boat with a Yanmar diesel said he wasn’t sure how water was getting in when the cockpit was fullly loaded. I have a guess (see attached photos) and I bet you do too. This through-hull looks quite old (bronze?). My first question is - will it be fused together? (And if it is, how the heck am I getting it out?) My second is - if I can get it apart, can I reasonably clean it and reuse it, or should I get a new one? New exhaust through-hulls seem to be made to screw into the glass. That seems odd to me; I would wan
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