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  1. In my opinion ETNZ know they can win vs Ineos and make enough to keep the team afloat for 2 years which will help bridge the gap until new major sponsors can be found. Adding more teams to the mix will increase costs and the risk of losing the cup to a team who doesn’t want to use the AC75.
  2. So many cringe takes in this thread. ETNZ coffers are basically empty, with almost all the sponsors not returning due to Covid. The fact that this one off race is even being considered should make it obvious how dire ETNZs finances are. What else is dalts supposed to do? Just throw up his arms and let the team fold?
  3. There aren't that many people in the world who can do his job, as far as I'm concerned he is worth every penny. His ability to find money means around 150 people are employed at ETNZ which is massive for a relatively small industry.
  4. Dalts inherited shitload of family money from when his parents died. I'm sure he gets paid well but the majority of his wealth is from his parents.
  5. There is plenty of evidence in the past with ETNZ finding a way around a rule such as foiling in the ac72s and the flight control on the ac50. This was just a tinfoil hat theory purely from not seeing anyone trimming the main, other than Pete who you can see looking back and controlling the traveler occasionally.
  6. I agree and to expand on this a bit, I don't think there is anyone trimming the NZ main. I think they're using some form of LIDAR to "read or measure" the sail and have a program trimming it with Glenn monitoring it, while trimming the jib at the same time which would explain his leeward position. This is pure speculation and probably wrong but there definitely is something funny going on given we haven't seen anybody with a controller or box sitting on the windward side just looking up the main like every other team.
  7. no way its in the 60s. mid 50s at most
  8. Part of the damaged hull arriving on shore
  9. They didn’t turn their boat into a submarine though.
  10. Ian Murray looking at having the Xmas regatta rescheduled to the 7th,8th and 11th and 12th of Jan, to get more practice in if everyone agrees.
  11. AM did indeed beat them https://i.stuff.co.nz/sport/americas-cup/123714459/americas-cup-dean-barker-sails-american-magic-to-win-over-team-nz-and-the-brits-finally-sail-to-get-their-campaign-back-on-track
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