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  1. Well, We didn't see much up this way. 45-50, but we get that every fall. Overall the area saw about 100k without power and two fatalities when a tree landed on a car. The interesting part for me was the unpredicatbility of it. Definitely the lowest barometer I can remember. But when and how the wind moved was unlike any "normal" system that we get. Plus pretty explosive on the gusts. WL
  2. This is the second such system this week. The first one was further out and and still managed to slap me silly crossing the Rosario Strait. Small craft warnings were up but I clocked 40 knot gusts. Don't screw around when Mother Nature is flexing her muscles Explosive is a good descriptor. WL
  3. That's about what my day one the water looked like yesterday!! WL Oh yeah, pickled beets! Seriously good...
  4. Nice! I like people that solve their own problems! I drive a delivery barge in the islands hauling cars,trucks etc. Occasionally, I see people towing a water tank behind a boat or even moving a boat trailer back to the mainland by leaving it attached to the boat. WL
  5. 1. 24/7 media that no longer reports the news with an occasional "announced editorial" at the end of the segment. Now every news story is an editorial. Sadly, no one notices the difference anymore. 2. The continued buy in of "sides" to a political issue. The only sides that should matter are "We The People". Pitting us against one another for the last 150 years or so, has been remarkably successful, so don't expect them to change on their own. 3. The constant barrage of "Racism". While it exists in all human beings to varying degrees, mostly it's Classism that is creat
  6. As already stated. COMMUNICATION. Sit with the vested parties and come to an agreement. Get it in writing. If the time is drawing near, keep the relevant documents on the fridge in an envelope. We ran into a DNR scenario on a recent road trip to visit family. BIL had a medical event and and was right on the verge of needing to be put on a ventilator. He has a DNR. Wife states to honor his wishes. We explain that this particular medical event is recoverable and that he had a high likelihood of coming back of the ventilator in a day or two. Which he did. He was discharged 3 day
  7. Jeff Healey.. Go listen to "Mess of Blues" WL
  8. Be safe and praying/hoping that this hospital experience is sooo much better than the last one!!! WL
  9. I was about to do that in Puerto Vallarta, when the guy ahead me came back to the beach. The onshore wind died just as he got over the landing area and the boat operator didn't realize it. Snapped both lower legs on landing, so I went to work instead! WL
  10. I'm a closet prepper. But not for civil unrest or any other whack job theory. After Katrina, it was very apparent that in the event of natural disaster, 3 days reserves is nowhere near enough. You need to be ready for 3-6 weeks. So, I am. As far as Beirut, we are one serious solar flare, or in my case the concern over the Cascadia fault slipping, from being in the same boat. This global shutdown from the pandemic is nothing compared to what people will suffer through when they cant get food or fuel every 5 days or so. If I'm lucky, it will all have be
  11. Seeing the same thing WL
  12. Continuing the thread drift. Reading the first of the Expanse books, Leviathan Wakes, was equally hard to get through the first 100 pages. But then it seemed to take off and I was hooked. 8 (soon to be 9) books later and I am a fan of James S.A. Corey. WL
  13. Seahawks proved that if you take away an opposing teams, Starting QB,RB, and place kicker (and a few other starters) they can whip somebody. Saw some halftime adjustments that gave me some hope though. One 0-4 team, a lot of 3-1 and 2-2 teams. Only one undefeated, Arizona Cardinals. Gonna be a tough year to win the NFC West Go Hawks!!! WL
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