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  1. Fuk, What's your address. I'll take up a collection!! You are the first person I ever blocked on this site. After my account got nuked in one of Scott's "upgrades", I left everyone unblocked. That was a mistake. Back onto ignore you go WL
  2. Dude!! That just made my day!! Welcome back. Worried doesn't come close to describing what ya did to us, ya bastard! Damn good to hear from ya!! WL
  3. That's a borderline step into PA with Perdock not only skating but getting elected to office! One of the reasons I have a bumper sticker these days that says "Until proven otherwise, all politicians are non-essential workers" WL
  4. Thank you for the constant updates! Very glad he is on the mend, no matter how slow it may be! WL
  5. That is awesome. Every time gets them one step closer to those being manned take offs and landings. While I do wish I was 30 years younger (or they did this 30 years ago) I am stoked to see mankind finally taking the steps to truly reach the stars. WL
  6. Not sure about the permits required but a local self made millionaire, has a small armored collection. As well as a MIG. He is an interesting character. Built a excavation/road work company from a single dump truck. Ran it for 40 years and sold it for a bundle. He likes playing with big tonka toys. A lot of his stuff is WWII era and comes out for the 4th of July parade every year. One of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. WL
  7. Yep. I get that. When we adopted 2 kids the Ram with the Cummins had to go and I really wanted to keep about the same HP and Torque. So, the 8.1 got me close to that. While Chevy is coming out with a diesel suburban next year, I gave some serious thought to going this route Duramax Specialties, LLC (duramaxsuv.com) WL
  8. One other upgrade I did was to tighten up the steering. If you haven't tripped across these folks, their products are top notch Cognito Motorsports WL
  9. lol I've got no regrets about the decision. I think I will be into it for 25k total after the sound/nav system with 2 backup cams. Minimal electronics to go haywire and no recalls to worry about. WL
  10. While you may find his posts problematic for you (there is an ignore feature) I had a beer with Woody. Quite awhile back. During the Dogzilla years. I found him to be a quiet and observant character. I rather enjoyed talking with him. WL
  11. Uncle took me out cruising in the San Juans in a 26' home built cruising boat. My family had cabin cruisers growing up, but the trips on the sailboat stuck with me. I did some day sailing/drinking out of Santa Barbara with a like minded bunch when we would get off shift. Then bought a 26' Ranger when I moved back next to the San Juans. Racing started when the friend of my training Captain came in and said he heard that I sailed and he needed a grinder on his boat, Islander 36, for the Wednesday Night series at the local club. That led to stints on a couple other boats over the next 3 yea
  12. I try to manage my taxes so that I end up owing about 500-1000 each year. Pretty sure if I'm late with that payment they would notice it pretty quickly. Maybe they need to put the department in charge of receiving payments, in charge of sending out the refunds! WL
  13. I'm surprised no one commented on the Wile E Coyote sticker on the dent!! WL
  14. Chupacabra seeks new home - general for sale - by owner (craigslist.org) WL
  15. First, I have no idea why it's upside down! Puter illiterate I had the same quandry but my needs were different. I needed a retirement tow vehicle that could handle 10k. New trucks were appealing but couldn't convince myself that 60-80k made sense given all the recalls. '01 suburban 2500 I bought back in '05 with 32k miles. 496 under the hood and towhaul feature on the transmission. Last year kicked over300k and decided I was going to keep it. Rebuilt engine with more aggressive cam for better mid range torque. 100mm intake throttle body. Short tube headers.
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