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  1. Rush - 2112 [HD FULL SONG] - YouTube WL
  2. I always thought it was because they caught their limit and the season closed for a couple of decades. Sounds like they're getting ready to reopen though with all these military sightings! WL
  3. Driving down the middle, not the left. Safe formation in unsafe territory. My guess is Feds following soldiers would be my guess with guy in passenger seat , literally riding shotgun WL
  4. I try really hard to keep my situational awareness at a level that keeps me from every needing lead to resolve an issue. For the 40 years I've been carrying, that has been successful. That gun is not meant for accuracy at more than about 6 feet. I can hit from farther, but that's how close the bear would be before I would pull the trigger. Just hold on and pray. The choice of that or playing dead and pray. Both outcomes rely heavily on prayer! WL
  5. My pocket gun for hiking. That's the "bear on top of me, please let this work" gun. Always cautious, always noisy on the trail. Never even thought about having to use it. Thankfully. WL
  6. Man, that sucks. We efiled on the 15th and got our refund yesterday. Paper to boot. Small one, less than 400. I try to manage that pretty closely through the year and usually do ok. Good luck. The abyss of Federal Bureaucracy is daunting on its good days. Give it a chance to hide behind a pandemic and it could be very ugly. WL
  7. I get the impulse to save your animals. But that is one seriously lucky senorita! If she had run out a few seconds sooner when the cubs were still (as earlier mentioned) or that bear had lunged and fallen forward instead of backwards??? That home security video would have to have been blurred out to cover the carnage. Stupid move that had a great outcome. Not the first. Won't be the last. Anyone with a few years in EMS has walked away from scenes going "How the heck did they survive that" WL
  8. Animals especially marine animals are surprisingly opportunistic when it comes to that sort of thing. Stories..... Sooner or later you are gonna have to put pen to paper! WL
  9. Outstanding! (Although it looks like they installed your left leg sideways) WL
  10. Normally stay out of these threads. But, I have some personal experience with Gabapentin. For me, it really, really fucked with my head. I felt tons better without it. I was using it for post op nerve pain after a knee surgery. WL
  11. Don't forget to have the loose but behind the wheel adjusted! WL
  12. The new Tesla Pinto!! WL
  13. This all makes perfect sense now! Politicians are always talking out of their asses. SO, politicians are either pigs with their snout in the public trough, or mice blindly following the pigs. Science, I'm tellin' ya, it's gonna change the world!! WL
  14. I quit fukbook about 5 years ago. Never tweeted, snap'd or insta anything. This is a close as I get to social media and so far, I don't seem to really give a sit what someone thinks about what I should be doing. I scan the news headlines from ALL media sources and keep coming back to the same conclusion. They wants us at each other's throats so we don't notice them stuffing their hands deeper in our pockets while bending us over further every year. Just my .02 WL
  15. Another example of timing in life being everything!!! WL
  16. And the universe makes sense again! Welcome back!! WL
  17. PB+J on wonder bread. I remember having a tantrum at about 7 or 8 because she put the PB+J on the same slice before she put the sandwich together. Why that set me off I have no idea..... Yet to this day, I will not make one that way. WL
  18. Fuk, What's your address. I'll take up a collection!! You are the first person I ever blocked on this site. After my account got nuked in one of Scott's "upgrades", I left everyone unblocked. That was a mistake. Back onto ignore you go WL
  19. Dude!! That just made my day!! Welcome back. Worried doesn't come close to describing what ya did to us, ya bastard! Damn good to hear from ya!! WL
  20. That's a borderline step into PA with Perdock not only skating but getting elected to office! One of the reasons I have a bumper sticker these days that says "Until proven otherwise, all politicians are non-essential workers" WL
  21. Thank you for the constant updates! Very glad he is on the mend, no matter how slow it may be! WL
  22. That is awesome. Every time gets them one step closer to those being manned take offs and landings. While I do wish I was 30 years younger (or they did this 30 years ago) I am stoked to see mankind finally taking the steps to truly reach the stars. WL
  23. Not sure about the permits required but a local self made millionaire, has a small armored collection. As well as a MIG. He is an interesting character. Built a excavation/road work company from a single dump truck. Ran it for 40 years and sold it for a bundle. He likes playing with big tonka toys. A lot of his stuff is WWII era and comes out for the 4th of July parade every year. One of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. WL
  24. Yep. I get that. When we adopted 2 kids the Ram with the Cummins had to go and I really wanted to keep about the same HP and Torque. So, the 8.1 got me close to that. While Chevy is coming out with a diesel suburban next year, I gave some serious thought to going this route Duramax Specialties, LLC (duramaxsuv.com) WL
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