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  1. Disagree. She put it last. Eighth position listed. In this era of everyone recording everything, if you have enough crew its would seem a valuable tool to have. No different than a GoPro on the stern rail. I thought it was an honest attempt to address and advise on a situation that had more questions than answers, knowing that there will never be a way to undo what has happened. All we can do is take as much information possible and move forward, trying to learn from the mistakes and prevent another tragedy. I appreciate her response. WL
  2. You could do worse than golf. You could be a soccer fan!! WL
  3. Not to hijack a thread too much but, When I built my house it was with a center ridge beam and 2x12 rafters. 10/12 pitch. Only spot in the house with standard gang nailed trusses is the garage and those were reinforced with 2x4's nailed over the gang nails. All it takes is one apartment roof landing on your head..... "Go in and pull that ceiling"..... White Hats, always with the good suggestions!!
  4. so many questions come to mind.... Midget clown posse threesomes..... Donkeys in Tijuana...... Who invented liquid soap and why??..... WL
  5. After a second rum drink I realized I could no longer ignore this. It's like trying to ignore Betty White's comedy central roast of William Shatter. "He's been in more turds than Andy Dick's penis..." WL
  6. I did. Because I didn't get it either. I have a limited formal education, bolstered by an avid love of reading. Particularly history. I also posses a sense of humor frequently described as obscure. I still find that one obscure.... WL
  7. Downwind in leadmines, it was always just "Spinnaker in the boat". In any kind of racing the crew work should be at that level. Afterguard takes care of spotter and getting iron genny ready. My boats were always beer can level racing (occasionally a little higher) but crew could put a spinnaker in the boat from cold call to turn in 60-90 seconds. Somebody being wrapped in a sheet or guy is no different than an over ride or jam, KNIFE. We practiced quite a bit though and probably had, IMHO, some of the best talent any skipper could ask for. WL
  8. Those hats are great. It makes it easy for us grunts to point the media in the right direction!! WL
  9. Hard to write a better Eulogy. WL
  10. So, it's a song that makes your blood boil?? WL
  11. Damn. Very tragic. So very sorry to hear. Thoughts and prayers for those impacted. Perhaps we can save armchair critiques for a later date. WL
  12. Rush - 2112 [HD FULL SONG] - YouTube WL
  13. I always thought it was because they caught their limit and the season closed for a couple of decades. Sounds like they're getting ready to reopen though with all these military sightings! WL
  14. Driving down the middle, not the left. Safe formation in unsafe territory. My guess is Feds following soldiers would be my guess with guy in passenger seat , literally riding shotgun WL
  15. I try really hard to keep my situational awareness at a level that keeps me from every needing lead to resolve an issue. For the 40 years I've been carrying, that has been successful. That gun is not meant for accuracy at more than about 6 feet. I can hit from farther, but that's how close the bear would be before I would pull the trigger. Just hold on and pray. The choice of that or playing dead and pray. Both outcomes rely heavily on prayer! WL
  16. My pocket gun for hiking. That's the "bear on top of me, please let this work" gun. Always cautious, always noisy on the trail. Never even thought about having to use it. Thankfully. WL
  17. Man, that sucks. We efiled on the 15th and got our refund yesterday. Paper to boot. Small one, less than 400. I try to manage that pretty closely through the year and usually do ok. Good luck. The abyss of Federal Bureaucracy is daunting on its good days. Give it a chance to hide behind a pandemic and it could be very ugly. WL
  18. I get the impulse to save your animals. But that is one seriously lucky senorita! If she had run out a few seconds sooner when the cubs were still (as earlier mentioned) or that bear had lunged and fallen forward instead of backwards??? That home security video would have to have been blurred out to cover the carnage. Stupid move that had a great outcome. Not the first. Won't be the last. Anyone with a few years in EMS has walked away from scenes going "How the heck did they survive that" WL
  19. Animals especially marine animals are surprisingly opportunistic when it comes to that sort of thing. Stories..... Sooner or later you are gonna have to put pen to paper! WL
  20. Outstanding! (Although it looks like they installed your left leg sideways) WL
  21. Normally stay out of these threads. But, I have some personal experience with Gabapentin. For me, it really, really fucked with my head. I felt tons better without it. I was using it for post op nerve pain after a knee surgery. WL
  22. Don't forget to have the loose but behind the wheel adjusted! WL
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