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  1. 2 hours ago, Mark K said:

     We feel your pain. Have for 10 years. Take your turn at the bottom with a bit of grace. This is where the good draft picks are. Oh..wait...you gave them all away to get Jamal Adams.


    The last 10 years have been an awesome ride. I've been a fan since they founded the team. Survived Ken Behring trying to drive the team into the ground and sneak it out of town. Watched Rick Mirer do his best to help. Enjoyed watching Zorn to Largent connections. 

    My issue has been building for awhile. Refs are determining the outcome of close games. All over the league. If you think it's not enough to make the players discouraged, look at their body language when it happens.


    I'm out for a bit.



  2. If you've ever worked in EMS or LE, you seen the "unlikely" occur. It alters your perceptions in some interesting ways.

    1. Every day is a gift. Live that way, as you don't know when your ticket will get punched.

    2. Leave nothing unsaid, you may not get another chance.

    3. Be prepared for the unlikely. But don't fear it.

    4. See #1





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  3. My Hawks are tied 9-9 going into the half. A weird game of botched calls by the officials. They have succeeded in doing what all the "anti-anthem" BS could not.

    I am done.


    Officiating has ruined the NFL for me. It is unfathomable, that in this day and age, a multi billion dollar enterprise allows its product to be warped by human error.


    Off to go putz in my shop. I'll listen on the radio, to the Hawks. But no more televised games for me.  I used to by my buddy's season tickets every other year or so. Not anymore.


    I'm sure the NFL gives a rats fart, but maybe if enough tune out thye will.



  4. 41 minutes ago, hobot said:

    Is team Duraflame still hiding back in that shed?

    Not sure if they are still there ir not. I was there to haul the equipment from the yard to the left. They had sold out and are downsizing back to just their yard in Anacortes. One of the more "creative" loads I've done.



  5. 2 hours ago, justsomeguy! said:


    That's one skippy burro.

    Reminds me of that joke when I was a kid.

    "If you put turpintine on a cats ass it will pass a motorcycle"



  6. 6 hours ago, slap said:

    When you are eating a taco with one hand a good grip with the other hand is probably necessary for proper insertion.

    You are waaay more flexible than I am.





  7. 12 hours ago, hobot said:

    Yup, except they were coming southbound.

    Skagit River bridge.

    Bit of local trivia.

    I was on the second arriving unit on that call. We were coming back from a Stat transfer down to Harborview. Dropping into the valley on NB I5 and a call pops up on the MDT. Bridge collapse I5. No other info, no tones. My partner and I were thinking it was a drill, a mistake, anything but a real collapse.

    Them the tones started going off, for awhile. They sent everybody and then some. 

    We're rolling in and running scenario's, potential number of vehicles, potential number of victims, could we get to them with the gear we have, how far dowstream might we need to send people to get bodies etc, etc.


    We roll up, climb over the dike with all our gear and...


    Nothing. No screaming, no frantic anybody. Just a kid sitting crosslegged on the roof of his Subaru, texting. A guy tending to his wife who has her foot trapped under the dash of their truck. Structure is stable and it is eerily quiet as there is no overhead freeway noise.



    I got a great picture of the full moon sitting over the bridge wreckage somewhere.


    I'm thinking that bridge likes people or something!







  8. SWMBO got caught in the back up for that one. With the West side Bridge closed from the flood, she spent 2 hours for a 20 minute drive. 

    Trooper on scene said it was the only survival he's seen, in a wreck that bad,  in a 20 year career. I know I saw my share of "How the hell did they walk away from that" wrecks. As well as "How they hell did that wreck hurt anyone, let alone kill someone". 

    Surviving traumatic impacts is literally, luck of the draw.


    Hobot, I don't look for skid marks there. I'm watching the Canadian truckers!!! ;)



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  9. 2 hours ago, dacapo said:

    I had an enjoyable day shrinkwrapping  my boat. Fuck the jets 

    Yeah, I've given up on watching the Hawks at this point. I'll listen on the radio if its available, but I'd rather be in the shop or on the boat. Not sure I will return to watching the games anytime soon.



  10. 109 boats registered and all but 3 or 4 showed up. A couple of OCS in the scoring. and a few DNF's. 

    Link. RTC Race Results (roundthecounty.com)



    Today has the potential for some carnage. Might have to go down and see who's got the nerve to pop the chute in Rosario Strait if it's honkin'

     Northern Inland Waters Including The San Juan Islands-
     505 AM PST Sun Nov 14 2021
     .TODAY...S wind 15 to 25 kt rising to 20 to 30 kt in the
     afternoon. Wind waves 2 to 4 ft. A chance of rain in the morning
     WLthen rain in the afternoon.  
  11. 49 minutes ago, Bus Driver said:

    Was their defensive THAT good, or the Ravens O line THAT bad?

    Good play from the safeties and corners. Ravens O line did not do Lamar any favors for sure. But they stuffed the run plays and kept the 'fins stumbling offense in the game with 1 or 2 picks and some key stops. Really felt like Baltimore was looking ahead to next week and forgot to take care of business.





  12. 20 minutes ago, Jkdubz808 said:

    Those GL bulkers are nothing but huge bathtubs, much like the supply boats I ran here in the Gulf.  They have stood the test of time operating on the GL, but even ships designed for ocean crossings go down if it gets nasty enough (i.e. El Faro).  The lakes have really short periods between waves due to the depths.  We have the same issue out here in the GOM, luckily this big drillship I'm on handles it well, even in the big stuff.


    You push around barges for Western Towboat?


    Just a little barge deck ferry. I deliver fuel trucks for a few of the Islands and various other supplies.




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  13. I started driving a small (75') barge ferry about 3 years ago. Ours is the only one with the pilothouse on the front of the barge. A point that is not lost on me when we are at the upper range of wind and wave (25 knots and 8-10' seas).

    We also have a much smaller version of the witches that roll in with strong Southerlies. You'll be quartering through the seas (8-10') and and 3 Bitches (witches) (12-14') will come off the corner of Lopez and roll up the straits about 30 degree angle from the other seas. Can mess you up if you're not ready for them.

    I cannot imagine the ride those lakers go through on a 600-700' vessel in 30' seas. The drop into the troughs has to be almost unnerving. I got caught out a couple of weeks ago when it was a bit sportier than forecast (38 gusting to 45 and 12' seas) and dropped into a couple of troughs where I thought "Crap, I have no idea whats about to happen".

    My hats to those who ply the big waters for a career. I'm content with my inland water routine! Even when things go pear shaped, I'm only 30 minutes from a safe harbor. 





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  14. Buffet concert at the Gorge back in '92. It was my probie year at the Department and Mrs. WL and I ran into a rookie officer and his wife from the same city while waiting in line. 

    Walked in and grabbed a patch of lawn on the hillside and everybody settled in. The 2 guys ahead of us lit up their joints and the smoke was rolling back over us. So I tapped the kids on the shoulder and asked them to either move downwind or put it out. I got a "screw you" for a response. As I was standing up to remove them, the rookie cop leaned forward and tapped them on the shoulder, with his badge in hand, and said "No, really. Move downwind"

    They did.


    Normally that would not have been an issue, but probie civil servants get random drug checks and can be fired without cause. 


    Been friends with the cop ever since. 





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  15. 22 minutes ago, slap said:

    Got the J&J back in January and got the Moderna last week. 

    Still alive.......

    J+J in March and Moderna booster next Tuesday. Back on topic, I hope they sit Rodgers for at least two weeks (Hawks have them after their bye this weekend)




  16. 29 minutes ago, hobot said:

    I could be wrong but my perception of Urban Meyer is that he might be a bit of a hothead.....not sure I'd want to be a player headed to the locker room at halftime, maybe they drew straws?

    Yeah, they are a very dysfunctional team. I was happy to see the Hawks dominate them. I had serious concerns that it would turn in to a, one score/last team with the ball/Fiasco that we have seen to often. 


    Now RW needs to be a really fast healer in the next two weeks. Cuz going into Green Bay with Geno Smith as the QB is a really bad plan!!



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  17. 1 hour ago, Point Break said:

    Not sure what that drop is all about. Handcrew on the ridgeline and fire already hit the top. Don't see any smoke that would indicate some slop over the top they need to catch.........worried about a reburn maybe, but don't see much fuel on the slope below.

    Must be a photo perspective problem.



    Pretty sure that's John Goodman on the far right. 




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  18. Well,


    We didn't see much up this way. 45-50, but we get that every fall. Overall the area saw about 100k without power and two fatalities when a tree landed on a car. 


    The interesting part for me was the unpredicatbility of it. Definitely the lowest barometer I can remember. But when and how the wind moved was unlike any "normal" system that we get. Plus pretty explosive on the gusts.



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