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  1. Forum "upgrade". It got flushed and Hobot has dropped out of sight. 1. I miss what sailing anarchy used to be. 2. I miss what sailing anarchy used to be
  2. Can we negotiate it's placement in a location of Scotts choosing in. Exchange for resurrecting the Random Pic Thread?? With it going and thereby Hobot saying sayanora. Sol's NCD thread is about the only reasonf to still wander in here from time to time. It's seems ironic that an "upgrade" will now be the demise of this place. WL
  3. For people that can't act civilized? Definitely not. But then I also think that 3/4 of the people issued drivers licenses shouldn't have them, you shouldn't be allowed to vote til you're 25 and no one should be allowed to hold political office over the age of 60. Curious what you think that has to do with accountability in the general sense? WL
  4. I usually stay out of this cesspool of PA. But this time I want to contribute an opinion. We keep heading down this road of freedom from consequence. With LE chastised (and rightfully so sometimes) to the point of being essentially ineffectual. Random violence is increasing and with it, the clutch is slipping in people who might otherwise think twice about their action. This is just my opinion. But if we don't start having consequences for actions, I believe this will only get worse. Chicago had 24 shootings this last weekend, 4 of them fatal. That's an average weekend for th
  5. As you drive I5 through Northern California (if memory serves) You turn off onto 299 West and then... You will pass Whiskey town followed by Weaverville...... WL
  6. Smith Island recorded 58 knots just North of there that day. Agreed that he was probably in 20-30 knots that close in. Our barge was out with a new captain being trained by the owner. On the way back across Roasario Strait they got pummeled pretty good. It used to be when I rode the ferry and ended up near the front, I would critique the landing of the ferry captain to whomever happened to be in the vehicle with me. After 3 years of navigating a vessel a third their size, I have nothing but the utmost respect for their abilities on getting those slugs to do anything at all.
  7. Whoever is responsible for this disaster deserves a boot to the nuts! WL
  8. While it seems impossible to ignore this thread. I believe Hobot should make it impossible by adopting it as the new RP thread. Let's see ya try and ignore it then! WL
  9. I think that SA has been taken over by Microsoft. It's the only explanation for an "upgrade" of this "caliber" Somebody get Bill on the phone! WL
  10. Other than Sol's NCD thread, Random pics is the only reason to still keep coming here. If the upgrade buggered that???? WL
  11. Worked for Carlos Castaneda. WL
  12. 16 years here. 2 with this handle. Last one crashed and burned somehow. During the Dogzilla years I wasted waaaay too much time here. WL
  13. Yep. Lots of frustration out there and now would be an excellent time for people to remember that this thin veil of civilized behavior only goes so far. Manners matter WL
  14. I have to think that if it was a ransomware attack, it was done in error. More than likely they restored it and sent a sympathy card after venturing into PA. WL
  15. Fuker! You owe me a new keyboard!!!
  16. That is a genius way to smuggle the rum onboard!!!!! Damn B.O's and there weight limits.... WL
  17. Momma dog hatched a batch of 6. My plan was to sell all 6. SWMBO however has spoken and we are keeping two. Cuz 3 dogs are just as easy to take care of as 1????? The Merle on the left and the big male towards the bottom will be joining the tribe. Pic was at 2 weeks. They are 6 weeks old today. Which means 6 weeks with midnight feedings..... I am looking forward to the pandemonium that multiple dogs bring as they take over most ever facet of
  18. Ignore the critics and the haters. Good on ya for getting out and logging a few miles! Most of the keyboard warriors here did not! (myself included!) WL
  19. A friend of mine had a quote that I stole early on in life. " If your stupidity injures me or puts me in in the hospital. As soon as I am healthy I am going to do the same to you" WL
  20. There are 5 smaller barges that do steady work in the San Juans. I drive a 70'er and its the smallest of them. Most are purpose built barges, some are conversions. At least one is an old LMC. Since 911 no fuel with an octane higher than diesel can go on the State Ferries. So propane, AV gas and gasoline all go by small barge ferry. That accounts for about half of the barge work. The rest is shuttling to islands not served by the state ferries. So, a boat like that is a bit big for here but would probably be fairly busy up in the inside passage. End hijack WL
  21. Try the officers seat in one going downhill, chained up, sideways in 6' of snow and ice. Slid to a slow stop up against the curb above an embankment. That's a slow motion, rectal tone, pressure check! WL
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