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  1. It's kinda like fight club. Those that know "that" guy, never talk about "that" guy!! WL
  2. Situations like that always made me appreciate having the several minutes of response time to get yourself sorted for whatever call you were headed to. Wrecks in front of the station or walk-ins having a heart attack, etc were a bit "disorganized" at times. I cannot imagine a plane crash sliding up to your front door! WL
  3. Add three marks in the middle of the course that you have to pass within 2 BL of and you have to round P then S then P WL
  4. How about keeping the hate and vitriol in PA where it belongs. This place is really turning into a worthless shithole, filled with angry, frustrated keyboard jockeys. I think I'm out for awhile WL
  5. At the local landfill we have a recycling center that takes paper, cardboard, glass, plastics, metal all in separate bins. They also have a haz mat drop off for chemicals, paints and fuels. Electronic recycling is a little more complex in that they are in different locations around the county, but not at the landfill. One stop recycling would be nice, but we still make the occasional extra trip for the odd used up electronics. WL
  6. That is very cool. Thanks for the share!! WL
  7. As I recall that was in either '04 or '08 when Dino Rossi was her opponent. She lost the election, demanded and got a recount, lost that one too, on the third recount she won and they stopped counting. All good here, nothing to see, move along WL
  8. At our two Fire Stations the Controller Card was a common failure. About every 5 or 6 years. WL
  9. Not to be racist, but how does this impact Asian students? My personal experience in school was that they breezed through math and science classes. My very underwhelming education still left me with the skills to do numbers in my head and handle a cash register in the early years of my employment opportunities. Now, Asians and Drivers Ed??? ducking and running now... WL
  10. +1 on the Subaru. SWMBO has one for her daily driver and it never gets into anything it cant get out of. If it ever gets that deep around here, we use my 01 3/4 ton Burb. I have an '88 Samurai JT has a back up vehicle, but I would never want to drive more than an hour, let alone 3-4 in it. My only bitch with the subie is headroom and legroom. At 6'4" I have some difficulty with little cars!! (Samurai has a soft top) And a serious +1 on the BFG AT tires. Made the mistake of going with Toyo's once and road noise and loss of traction were serious issues. WL WL
  11. I think after the removal of the 2nd Amendment we need to get after the 1st Science has proven that brain development continues to the age of 25. So no one under the age of 25 should be allowed access to social media or web platforms. They obviously are not ready to be trained for it. Once they reach 25 they need to be licensed and insured prior to applying for access. Once approved they may access only government sanctioned web sites. When posting they will be doing so under their full name with physical address visible. Free speech is dangerous and the cause of many riots and dea
  12. Trying to ignore a Hobot thread in Snagalese makes my head hurt.... WL
  13. Good start to a chapter in your book... WL
  14. You've never thanked me. Not once! See you tomorrow WL
  15. Why the f*#k don't those idiots on Sailing Anarchy get off their asses and go sailing?????? WL
  16. That looked more like a first sea trial of a new design, not a race. So dysfunctional on so many levels. Embarrassing..... WL
  17. Sorry to hear. It sounds like he went out like he lived, on his feet and on his own terms. It's always hard to lose lifelong friends. I try to keep their memories alive by remembering the ways they motivated me and inspired me. It helps me continue to strive to be a better human. WL
  18. Careful. If you start posting salient topics like that, this thread will never get ignored!
  19. Best foredeck teamwork I have ever had, on any boat I've run, were female. In both FD and LE, there are numerous competent women that can kick ass on most of their male brethren. WL
  20. Well, I try to keep uploading photos and am being technically incompetent. If I figure it out it will be 2 photos of a very tired momma dog and her 6 new puppies. Mini Aussies and I have forgotten how squeaky newborn pups are. 2 merles and 4 tricolors. Came into the world 2 days ago. Ok, I think I got it sorted WL
  21. Given the requirements of the job and the need to be frugal most times, in the consumption of such beverages. I have a great memory of going cruising with the grandkids (about 7&9 at the time) We tied up at Ladysmith Maritime Society Dock and planned to spend 3 days. Once we were all settled in, I opened up the liquor cabinet and the grandkids got to see grandpa get a little silly. They still tease me about that, 12 years later. (For the record I was stone cold sober when we jumped off the dock the next day into the 45 degree water) But I was tied up to a dock and everyone was safely
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