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  1. Nah they'll just claim that an intended use of a racing yacht is rescuing its own crew so they already told you to choose the engine on that basis, not their problem.
  2. Well in these cases even if you followed every rule that follows on from it, AS would still say it's all your fault for not complying with the new preamble to 3.24 and selecting a trawling motor suitable for the size and intended use of the boat. They know their new inclusions to align with WS is BS and they've already planned their escape.
  3. Best Marina posing as an Affiliated Club to gain tax exemptions.
  4. What kind of participation strategy is creating barriers to casual participation and BANNING MEMES?! My club thinks a junior pathway goes in a straightline from Optis to the Olympics. Everyone I know that almost won a junior nationals in 420s or was a training partner to that guy who got silver in the Lasers doesn't sail anymore. I like sailing with the stereo on and crushing beers with my mates after. We're your growth demographic AS pay fucking attention. Or better yet leave us alone.
  5. That'll only get the kite to the hatch but not down inside won't it? The TPs have a block abaft so by the time the tack of the retrieval line reaches it the spinnaker itself is inside the hatch.
  6. Rightg above a "A near perfect shot from the mighty 18’s". Which are not at all tippy.
  7. We start the engine, charge the batteries for a bit and hope the sound keeps the humpbacks aware of us. There goes that illusion.
  8. Looks like they'll be there. Can't go wrong now. Win and have a great story of overcoming adversity. Lose and they're just backing off to check everything is ok for the big race.
  9. Not the first time she's bounced off the bottom. At least this time I can watch it from the comfort of my keyboard rather than jumping straight on the rescue boat fresh from a 30+ hour trip to Gero to help get her back to the mooring. At that time the boat did have a limit, and the crew were well over it at the bar celebrating racing up on a substantially larger boat than the rest of us plebs.
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