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  1. Thank you so much! Yes I have got two new cams (I think) looking different from your picture and the rest is old ones as you mentioned, so that could be the problem. I will try out as soon as I can. I do have played around with spacers to get the wrinkles out of the sail, but that is a good tip, I will check that again. I will try to get more purchase on the Vang and rig the Cunningham so its pretensioned, that would make sense anyway because when not pretensioned the travel is almost not enough to get in on hard. Thank you so much for the tips! It always helps the most just asking someone who
  2. Hi guys, I am new to this forum and new to mothing, so spare me if creating a new thread is not the right way to go about this and also spare me if I am asking stupid questions. Anyway I recently bought an older moth, homebuilt hull from an assassin mold as far is I reckon, different parts mixed together for the rest. All in all its working fine and with some tuning and learning I got it going. I can't however figure out the issues I have with the Rig/Sail/Cams combination. Somehow the cams keep on falling off the mast (during manoeuvres), if the cunno and vang are both not tensioned very
  3. Yannick leading now on the tracker. On the former Safran of Morgan Lagraviere in 2016.
  4. I think that is quite natural honestly, given the disappointment, regardless of who's fault it was. If there even is someone to blame, could have been bad luck all together. Jeremie didn't make appearances after his damage, except the announcement of the damage and later the announcement that he will be back. Now he still is shattered as you can see in the few videos he has done recently. Probably no one in the team knows for now how things are going to continue and therefore they don't want to create a lot of noise, until things become more clear. I think that's all.
  5. https://www.yacht.de/regatta/vendee_globe/vende-globe-grosssegel-in-gefahr-nachtschicht-fuer-herrmann/a126817.html Boris Hermann had to fix a broken batten and repair his mainsail after the batten had pinched a small hole in it and it started tearing the sail. Took some time to prepare a patch and for the sikaflex to dry, hence his slow speeds lately, but all is fixed now, and racing again.
  6. https://www.yacht.de/regatta/vendee_globe/vende-globe-interview-mit-boris-herrmann/a126740.html Long interview with Boris from yesterday... interesting parts translated: Yesterday he lost his 2 hydro generators, the were ripped out of the mount when he hit 30kts of boat speed, the generators should only be used up to 25. He will repair when its calmer, because it will involve cutting parts with the angle grinder and that is impossible in the current conditions. He is facing short steep waves because of the alghuas current, which make it difficult to stay on pace, he says that he is h
  7. Alex dead and Boris naked, thank god they are not on the same boat.
  8. Was wondering the same, maybe he has a problem and wants to keep away from theta? Me as a complete idiot when it comes to routing would suggest the gybe west wouldn't make much sense at this point, other than potentially being further from the center of theta when gybing back south.
  9. The wind direction on the tracker is just the forecast wind direction, so could be slightly different in reality.
  10. From what I've heard, don't know if its true, most don't carry a spare one.
  11. AT and CD are doing pretty similar numbers since they tacked, quicker than Ruyant and the guys further NW. Will be interesting to see how Corum will be able to keep up after their tack in the next update, seem to be a bit in a bit lighter patch at the moment.
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