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  1. it depends on the wind speed. They are trying to make the races last for 20 minutes.
  2. its been pointed out a few times. the bit i found nice was the hydraulic noise followed by the foil arm raising up by one "notch".
  3. didnt Sir Ben help the kiwis fix their cat by giving them spare parts?
  4. weird..... not sure why the replay i watched didnt show that..... in that case i agree, it probably should have been. Although the penalty would have been wiped within seconds
  5. I've just watched it, they don't protest.
  6. because ITUK didn't protest. they just sailed straight around them.
  7. Yup, seen that thanks. But I thought it was particularly relevant to this thread.
  8. its starting to sound much better for ITUK. https://www.sail-world.com/news/234351/Americas-Cup-Rialto-Jan-8-INEOS-on-the-pace America's Cup Rialto: January 8 - INEOS on the pace as three AC75's fleet race by Richard Gladwell, Sail-World NZ 8 Jan 12:22 GMT9 January 2021 Today was in some ways a repeat of a Black Friday in mid-November, when the wind fluffed around all day, before the SW breeze cracked in - first at 8-10kts and then increasing to just under 20kts around 7.30pm. On the Black Friday sail the three Challengers headed for the inner Waitemata H
  9. Where does it say that a backstay is supplied rigging? edit.... found it....
  10. fuck of you douche. its in the middle of the batten.
  11. Anyone else notice the magic rope coming from the bottom batten just above the window? video should start in the right place....
  12. like you say, its not a very natural movement at all. I was using the gunwale as my reference point. There's some footage of AM doing it to but for the life of me i cant find it now. I watched it live and was shouting and pointing at the tv!
  13. should start at the right place. i find it really hard to believe this is flex.
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