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  1. On 11/7/2019 at 3:34 PM, Hangtime said:

    In other news ….Paul has finally got rags on Bags and boy do they look sexy!


    Will let Him share the details......


    Yep new Sails for Bags. I commissioned 1Sails for these and they really great sails. We are having to do a little tuning on the jib as expected but they maximise the sail area, about 66sqm for the main and 44 sqm for the jib. I now have some forestay tension issues so and looking at adding running backstays at the bolt that holds the forestay onto the mast. Also am working on the sheeting position for the jib as we are at the front of the track and still need more down force. I think the main halyard and jammer needs replacing as it is slipping plus the mast rotators also need some work. Captain Tricko put together this little video for me when we went for a test sail on the weekend. The boat in the distance is Zero. We seemed to be keeping hight against them however they were a little faster than Bags. Lots of learning to do to get the best out of her yet. 

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