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  1. Good point. How many adults play any sport after HS/college? Not many. Probably similar to sailing numbers.
  2. Well fortunately up until a few years ago non organic strawberries were treated with methyl bromide. I think California phased it out in 2017. I still won't eat non organic strawberries as they are still heavily treated with insecticides and herbicides. Google the dirty dozen foods. Its a pretty accurate list of the worst offenders.
  3. Dumping in the ocean is outrageous.............but consider this, DDT was used for 30-40 years on our food supply! Same today with glyphosate......it just hasn't been banned yet. I'm in the AG industry......you don't want to know what is being dumped on our food never mind the ocean(which is also part of our food supply)
  4. Just like distance cycling, except without the sore ass.
  5. Figawi - split format this year, two bay races around the sound on Saturday and Sunday Memorial day weekend. (No Nantucket this year) New Bedford Yacht Club - Whalers Race 105 miles around BI, third week in June. Edgartown Yacht Club Race weekend - bouy racing July 22 and 23rd, RTI race on the 24th. Buzzards Bay Regatta - August 6-8 (distance race on the 6th, buoy racing on 7th and 8th.)
  6. I can't log on from my iphone? Can't even find the place to log on.
  7. He was talking about the "unintended acceleration" scandal with Audi 5000's in the 80's spurred on by a 60 minutes episode. Turns out it was operator error after all, but ruined Audi in this country for a few years. The Audi's of the 70's and Audi's of today aren't even remotely the same vehicles. Agree that the 70's models were absolute junk. Today not so much.
  8. I've seen guys talk with their hands before but I think the Ed has them all beat!
  9. Glass is just a fucking asshole and I'm sorry I've stooped to his level. He fights with everyone on every thread he cares to comment on. Some people just aren't happy unless they're miserable I guess. A grand total of 94 posts so you know he's somebodies sock puppet.
  10. No, it indicates that I don't live on SA. What's your preoccupation with my private parts asshole? Sounds like a personal problem. Hundreds of crew members huh? Right. And I'd be glad to compare events won with you any day. Oh that's right, you conveniently "gave all those hundreds of trophies away" LOL. Internet hero you are I guess.
  11. That was most likely "Primal Scream" a very successful 115, which has won KWRW, CRW and other major regattas. They were a pretty strong program 10 years ago. Are they still around? I have a friend who bought a 115 a couple years and could use their tuning numbers.
  12. But you're good at playing stupid if stopped.........
  13. Permits aren't that bad to get. I've used a permit company and ive done it myself. I think NJ was the worst as far as hassle. I got permits for our KW trips. I've also run without permits to CRW, Annapolis Noods and Detroit Noods from Mass without a problem. Make sure your equipment is top notch and don't get in a serious accident. We all remember what happened to Wallbanger..............I doubt she had permits.
  14. Your head hurts just reading it.
  15. Spoken like someone who's never won anything in their entire life! Oh yeah and go fuck yourself.
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