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  1. @Breizo Hello @Breizo, To answer your questions : The Diam has different option to get boat out of the watter, there is a ramp trolley (to laucn the boat on ramp) easily towed by a car. Ther is also a a beach trolley, for more complicated ground, for exemple the beach or grass, it can also be towed by a car. So both type of wheel, can be stored anywhere, are easy to get the boat in/off the water. The trickky thing is to find a good spot to keave the boat. There is a cover to put on the boat, it covers the entire boat and is perfect to protect against the
  2. Hello Trevor thanks for you constructive comments ! I see that our plan is working and the daggerboard humming is making people talk about it ! More seriously if you depolish it wit 800 grit sandpaper you should reduce the noise to something a lot more bearable and I won't affect the performance of the boat. If you need more advise there are some technical advice availlable ont the DIam 24 one design website.
  3. Hello I saw this message what do you think about it, and what do you think about the boat ? Grab your Chance! You love sailing; you are looking for a dayboat to fulfill your needs for thrills, pleasure, and seeking for excitement through the pleasure of speed Your ideal boat would be: transportable, ultra-dismountable, swift, safe, seafaring, strong and really fast… It would enable you to navigate with your family, friends, and 3 to 4 person crew, discover new sailing spots! A boat for regattas ensuring good ranking… https://www.diam24onedesign.com/en/concept-2/#conc
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