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  1. How are sailors supposed to remain competitive for the 4 years necessary to run a campaign when government money isn't an option?
  2. "Coverage" will probably be an online tracker with some live feeds from the onboards. Maybe with some start/finish commentary. Don't really see how else you can feasibly cover a distance race.
  3. All the more reason to watch
  4. so someone with even less f50 experience will take over? Yeah not gonna be putting money on the "Spanish" Isn't it also just the repainted Chinese boat from season 1?
  5. How exactly does shading someone from blame contribute to winning? Ben attended the pressers because he's the most famous and well-known of the team, of course it would make sense for him to be the "face" of Ineos
  6. Saw this monstrosity cross the fleet at the start of Giraglia a couple of years ago... aesthetically speaking, we would be better off had those guys been in something a bit bigger and pointier. H
  7. Aside from real competition, what sgp really needs this season is a competent directing and commentating team. Last season was hard to watch with the sound on
  8. Seems to me this is like discussing who's the best driver in f1. When it's nigh impossible to disentangle boat performance from skipper/crew performance, it's a bit futile to make assertions about whos "greatest"
  9. no this is 100% real, my mate down at the pub confirmed it
  10. lmao, can't wait for them to be fighting for 6th place. Ya know, usually the whole "diversity and inclusion" circus gets going AFTER a series has real competition, and it's not just a one or two horse race. The crashes might be fun to watch though
  11. hah, everyone here in fleet 4 always grumbled about the aussies at international events... guess it was (to a degree) deserved!
  12. Is it really so hard to find a title sponsor for a winning team that they go to such lengths just to make the government pony up?
  13. +1. Sydney SailGP in 2020 was proof. Sure, he had "his own guys", but considering BA absolutely wiped the floor with everyone on his first event, including Nate and Tom who had been sailing the f50s for a full season more (and dominating), anyone discounting Benny as a "non-foiler" is talking out their ass. If there's nothing enforceable in the agreement, it's still all up to the winner.
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