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  1. What the fuck is a black flag?? Phil is a barge-starting madman but he absolutely didn't deserve to get thrown out of that last race for a windward-leeward that barely affected anyone. Wack shit.
  2. Don't hate em, just pity them for their lack of friends Also because they think looking like a Zhik store mannequin at all times is acceptable
  3. You're alive Randy? Where's the ac36 commentary?
  4. on-board comms from the ACWS christmas regatta last year
  5. Psarofaghis and sehested are also skippering in the gc32 cup, not a bad idea to get more training between sgp events
  6. ...he hit the leeward boat precisely because he turned up so quickly - his stern swung wide. Contact only could have been avoided by rounding slower.
  7. They really don't distribute the rulebook very widely down under, do they?
  8. This is why you don't wait until you're a length out to drop kite. The important thing to notice is that the camera boat, technically, had inside room on nearly everyone in that shot because of the very high angles everyone is sailing. I honestly don't think the camera boat is at fault here; they are entitled to round the mark and keep clear of any RoW boats, which they did - 40165 didn't do enough to keep clear imo (or the boat to leeward of them didn't, since its hard to judge how much space they have). Though all of this could have been avoided by not being idiots about dousing.
  9. New B-roll from the AC media team, guess some of them still have jobs
  10. Depends on the wording in the SIs (if any), but I would guess that this is a perfectly valid redress situation. Whether the RC finds itself to be in the wrong is a completely different question however...
  11. Are there any significant differences between the seascape 27 and the beneteau version?
  12. I mean, China just became Spain, no? They even kept the same shade of red on the boat
  13. Not sure if this has been mentioned here before, but watching the USA onboards from the last race in Italy, it seems that the collision actually occurs about 10 seconds before they round the bottom gate, not when they leapt out of the water. This wasn't caught on the broadcast because they were showing Phil having a bad jibe. Video starts around the last jibe to the bottom gate: https://streamable.com/jsizio
  14. Are the onboard/alternative camera angles available anywhere other than the app? Would be nice to view on a big screen
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