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  1. Sounds like the AC is trying to cash in on f1's success with Drive to Survive, but how exactly are they going to regulate teams spying on their own? Also, this whole thing about new teams being able to sail more than existing teams... is there anything stopping, say, Luna Rossa from becoming Luna Rossa 2 and getting the perks of being a "new" team?
  2. soooo is there a 3-5 sentence rundown of current developments available for someone who hasn't been following ac at all since the match? It's going to Saudi Arabia? And TNZ is falling apart? If only the front page was used for actual news and recaps instead of a creative writing exercise by someone's horny grandpa
  3. my money's on canfield, God knows he's been trying to get a skipper role in the big leagues. But I hope it's phil, it'd be a travesty to have him leave sgp
  4. how would this work? Random assignment to heats and then no switching? Seems unfair to not have everyone race everyone.
  5. Imagine sailing upwind and suddenly your skipper says to hold off on maneuvers because he accidentally turned the boat off and it needs to reboot. what a world.
  6. was it ever explained why jimmy took 3 years to round mark 1 in the final race? Did something break? The commentators mentioned "avoiding gbr" at the time, but slingsby was in basically the same spot and had no issue.
  7. those are HUGE numbers for sailing, and that's not counting facebook, tv broadcast, or app views. At the same time, I don't think SGP is trying to compete with f1 just yet...
  8. 29.2 General Recall When at the starting signal the race committee is unable to identify boats that are on the course side of the starting line or to which rule 30 applies, or there has been an error in the starting procedure, the race committee may signal a general recall (display the First Substitute with two sounds). Doesn't matter if the entire fleet is OCS (although who would they take the penalty relative to, I wonder?), if RC knows who they are, its an individual recall. In the SGP RRS, there's actually no wording even mentioning a general recall.
  9. Race 4 on Sunday I think again highlighted the need to step away from relative penalties. Everyone but France and Denmark were OCS and the teams were told to get behind Denmark, which crossed the line last. However, in the ensuing melee, France got the worst of the bad air from the early starters and eventually slipped back behind the fleet which, despite needing to take a penalty, still ended up ahead of Besson, who started on time. He was a bit slow off the line which wasn't in his favor, but I would be furious if I were him and just got dumped on by a bunch of boats which were OCS.
  10. I do think the director/cameramen would benefit from actually being sailors, but I do feel like they (and the commentators) have been told to solely focus on the top boats to keep things uncomplicated. I know that helicopters are expensive, but considering how advanced drones have gotten, is it so unreasonable to have a few of those bad boys flying around so that we can have some alternate overhead angles? So much action is being missed now...
  11. That was a good event in my opinion, but I simply cannot understand cutting off the last leg to "shorten" the race. It's a 30 second reach with some of the most interesting action, what is the point of excluding it? The time limit seems ridiculous too - everyone who hasn't made it in time still goes to the finish, you're not saving any time by doing a countback. Also the broadcast director should be banned from using the onboard camera angles for anything other than replays, I hate looking at 5 guys sitting on the boat after a finish when there's a battle going on for 2nd/3rd/whatever.
  12. slingsby is doing sailgp, tp52s, and moth worlds... at this rate I'll be seeing him in our local beercan series before long
  13. No psarofaghis? Bit rude to have him sub in and then not invite him to the Swiss team, especially considering his good performance, no?
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