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  1. those are HUGE numbers for sailing, and that's not counting facebook, tv broadcast, or app views. At the same time, I don't think SGP is trying to compete with f1 just yet...
  2. 29.2 General Recall When at the starting signal the race committee is unable to identify boats that are on the course side of the starting line or to which rule 30 applies, or there has been an error in the starting procedure, the race committee may signal a general recall (display the First Substitute with two sounds). Doesn't matter if the entire fleet is OCS (although who would they take the penalty relative to, I wonder?), if RC knows who they are, its an individual recall. In the SGP RRS, there's actually no wording even mentioning a general recall.
  3. Race 4 on Sunday I think again highlighted the need to step away from relative penalties. Everyone but France and Denmark were OCS and the teams were told to get behind Denmark, which crossed the line last. However, in the ensuing melee, France got the worst of the bad air from the early starters and eventually slipped back behind the fleet which, despite needing to take a penalty, still ended up ahead of Besson, who started on time. He was a bit slow off the line which wasn't in his favor, but I would be furious if I were him and just got dumped on by a bunch of boats which were OCS.
  4. I do think the director/cameramen would benefit from actually being sailors, but I do feel like they (and the commentators) have been told to solely focus on the top boats to keep things uncomplicated. I know that helicopters are expensive, but considering how advanced drones have gotten, is it so unreasonable to have a few of those bad boys flying around so that we can have some alternate overhead angles? So much action is being missed now...
  5. That was a good event in my opinion, but I simply cannot understand cutting off the last leg to "shorten" the race. It's a 30 second reach with some of the most interesting action, what is the point of excluding it? The time limit seems ridiculous too - everyone who hasn't made it in time still goes to the finish, you're not saving any time by doing a countback. Also the broadcast director should be banned from using the onboard camera angles for anything other than replays, I hate looking at 5 guys sitting on the boat after a finish when there's a battle going on for 2nd/3rd/whatever.
  6. slingsby is doing sailgp, tp52s, and moth worlds... at this rate I'll be seeing him in our local beercan series before long
  7. No psarofaghis? Bit rude to have him sub in and then not invite him to the Swiss team, especially considering his good performance, no?
  8. is that Nate all the way in the back?
  9. Moving past this incident, am I the only one who thinks that a persistent "open channel" between the skippers would be pretty easy entertainment points for SGP? I got a good chuckle out of "shut up Nathan!"
  10. The bigger picture here is that the rules are flawed and make sgp into a silly, confusing mess, the outcome of which is being decided by some lines drawn on a computer screen somewhere and not by the sailors on the water.
  11. ... so what if you're in a good position around the last mark but lose places on the final leg? You can just slow down, not make the time limit, and gain positions? Or do they not displace boats that have finished? In either case, the countback on a gate rounding is still 'eh' in terms of fairness
  12. stop. feeding. the. troll. please. just dont reply, its quite simple.
  13. Maybe I'm the only one without superman hearing, but I personally didn't really catch every minutia of the team comms when there were several people commentating over them at the same time. Also I posted the video because I thought it was interesting as a whole, not only to point out that one moment.
  14. I know I'm late, but I think day 2 exemplified the things that still need (desperate) fixing with SGP. First of all, they shouldn't have sailed at all today. Total crapshoot, foiling boats in a foiling series should not be drifting around at 4knots with both hulls planted. It didn't make for good viewing. Second, the opaque and confusing rules. In what fucking world does a boat have room to tack on the inside of another one at a top mark? Two boats came out of a crossing situation perfectly clear with neither changing course, one came out with a series-ending penalty. WTF? I was confused
  15. What? I'm calling bs because that makes absolutely no sense. Both Saudi Arabia and Qatar are major allies of the US, there are thousands of military personnel and civilians in those countries, not to mention the international sporting events (F1, soon FIFA) that draw tens of thousands of foreigners, including americans... Or did I miss a proposal to host AC37 in Yemen?
  16. Is it just me, or did most of the "winners" on the upwind come out of the right side, especially in the upper half of the beats (notable exception being ainslie in the first one, second upwind). Saw A LOT of leaders lose boatlengths and positions by not covering the right...
  17. "If you had avoided the contact, would you have been over the line?" "no, I don't believe so" "ok, protest dismissed"
  18. never realized how many more SGP videos there are on facebook and instagram. I just found out there are commentated practice races... are they only broadcasted on facebook?
  19. Is there video of this? What wing configuation? I wonder if SGP's gonna do a "race to 100kmh" like they did with 50 knots now that they've gone metric
  20. Team comms from race 9, you can pinpoint the decision which lost LR the race, and maybe the cup (24 minutes in)
  21. I tend to rely on the "let your competitors hit rocks and then text everyone the coordinates" method. Not sure if it works for crab pots though.
  22. considering the amount of collisions this season alone (at least 4 I think?), not sure the whole "can opener" to windward thing is a good idea... just think what could have happened with Nate/Jimmy in Bermuda.
  23. Yes, the domestic "club" FJs are stripped-down versions meant for high school/collegiate fleets.
  24. In practical terms, that's usually how it gets judged. Since its near impossible to police every tack, umps will tend to flag you only if you're doing an unreasonable amount of tacks in open water. The way to get around this, of course, is to "find" a tacking duel and then claim you were just controlling the guy behind (or getting out from the guy ahead).
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