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  1. Don't buy a boat now. Wait 2 months at least.
  2. Mr. Nice Guy thinks Mr. LB15 refers to a gentleman he had extensive heated discussions with on the Greta threads. It went on for hundreds of posts; there was no clear winner, but anyone who troubled to read it all sure ended up losing. Then Mr. LB15 sort of lost the plot and got himself temporarily flicked. Let us please not go back to those days.
  3. Mr. Nice Guy hopes some of the nice people here will read this interesting paper comparing the cost of three modes of intercity travel. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/46439100_The_Full_Cost_Of_Intercity_Transportation_-_A_Comparison_Of_High_Speed_Rail_Air_And_Highway_Transportation_In_California Mr. Nice Guy will help those who have no time to read: the conclusion is that high speed rail and road are about the same cost. Air travel is significantly cheaper because the infrastructure is just airports and no road or rail line has to be built in the air. Mr. Nice Guy
  4. Mr. Nice Guy thinks everyone forgets the enormous cost of building and maintaining roadways for autos. If that money was put into railways we'd be as good as Japan. Except perhaps our women would not be as beautiful if a previous poster is to be believed. Mr. Nice Guy likes to ride trains, where he can read a book and sometimes see a beautiful woman.
  5. Mr. Nice Guy wants Mr. Gissie to know that he is very happy! Some special people made me a cake today even though it is not my birthday! I hope that fishing will be better for you tomorrow. Mr. Nice Guy refers to himself in the third person to avoid lexical analysis.
  6. Mr. Nice Guy is sad that Mr. Gissie is having a bad day and thinks he will feel better by saying mean things to other people. Mr. Nice Guy hopes Mr. Gissie feels better soon.
  7. Mr. Nice Guy wishes to respectfully point out that Mssrs. Gissie, FKT, Hudson and others have missed something. Driving a car long distances like Melbourne to Perth is something we do today. Mr. Nice Guy thinks that after we make the changes we need to make to control climate change, which will take many years, driving a car long distances will be a very unusual thing to do. Mr. Nice Guy thinks we should not design our future transportation system with the continued ability to drive cars long distances as a design criteria.
  8. Mr. Nice Guy thinks everyone, including Mr. Nice Guy, should stop posting on this thread which doesn't seem to be about sailing at all, and if they want to discuss climate change go make a thread in that place called "General Anarchy". And please be nicer to each other, for heaven's sake. If you were all sitting in the bar after sailing and there was cold beer for the Americans and Bundy and Coke for the Australians, you'd all be friends in minutes.
  9. Mr. Nice Guy thinks that nuclear installations may not be the best idea because humans and computers control them and both have flaws. Today:
  10. Mr. Nice Guy thinks Mr. LB15 is a bit impolite but maybe he is having a bad day? Mr. LB15 I am not sad, but I do worry about Mr. LB15. Mr. LB15 said he started this thread to have fun, but it does not sound like he is having fun anymore. Maybe Mr. LB15 thought he would get many "Likes" from this thread but he is not getting very many at all. Maybe Mr. LB15 would feel better if he himself asked to have this thread moved to a non-sailing forum?
  11. Mr. Nice Guy thinks that this thread has nothing to do with sailing, and should be moved to that place called General Anarchy, or that other place called Political Anarchy. Mr. Nice Guy will speak with the moderators of this website about this. If other people think the same as Mr. Nice Guy, please let the moderators know that you feel the same way. Mr. Nice Guy thinks there is nothing wrong with people having fun, but when the fun is being made by making fun of someone else, it doesn't belong on a sailing thread.
  12. AKA Lonleyboy 15 (and numerous sock puppets) Who are the sockpuppets that belong to Mr. LB15? Why does he feel he needs to make sockpuppets? Mr. LB15 must be very lonely and sad if he feels he needs to make fun of other people on SA. What can we do to make Mr. LB15 happy so he doesn't do these things that his mum taught him were bad things?
  13. Why does Mr. LB15 with 23,058 posts call Mr. Hudson with 2,418 posts an attention whore? Mr. Nice Guy thinks this is very impolite.
  14. I'm not. I have known lawyers both with and without. One that I knew when he was in law school told me he was going to work in corporate law, because it somehow seemed less morally difficult when the outcome is just money in one company's bank account vs. another. OTOH, I have only been ripped off a handful of times, and one of them was a lawyer.
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