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  1. We're in year five of keeping our favorite oils, pastels, and bronze sculpture on our 12m cat in the Caribbean and Med with no I'll effect so far. These along with our favorite knives and copper cookware in the belly really make our boat our home.
  2. My wife and I are full time ctuisers. On March 6 we flew to the US for a 10 day visit to family. In a matter of days all of our flights were cancelled, borders closed, and now we don't know when well be able to return to our boat I Tunisia. It's ironic to see the travelers desperate to get back to the US when we're just as desperate to get back to our boat.
  3. If nothing else, get your ear close and listen for the clicking noise.
  4. As said above muriatic acid will do the trick. Othrwise , get a tub of FSR (Fiberglass Stain Remover) at your local marine shop.
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