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  1. That's my go-to for all things caulk. Like a hot knife through butter.
  2. Yup, turns out I'm a dummy. A few minutes of googling and $8 with Uncle Jeff Bezos and parts will be here shortly. Thanks!
  3. Hi everyone, It seems the bearings in my Tacktick wind sensor died over the winter. $600 to replace something I don't particularly love seems too steep. I'm inclined to go with the B&G WS310 wired, as there is a TV antenna that needs to get removed anyway and I can chase the cable through. However, it seems the reviews on the wireless WS320 are quite positive and it would be nice to skip that part. Any experiences people have with the Bluetooth sensor on the WS320 locations would be appreciated. I'd prefer to put mine in the nav station (mid ships, starboard - basically be r
  4. We use Navionics most of the time. If iNavX is indeed dead, would be a bummer as Navionics doesn't have mag heading, only true. TZ iBoat is getting a lot of positive reviews, but we haven't tried it yet.
  5. I used it for years on the Great Lakes and then a few years in NY harbor, because coating over it is damn near impossible. 1- doesn't matter, as long as it is clean. 2 - again, shouldn't matter, but I never went more than a couple weeks, wet sanded with 220 and then splashed. 3- I've laid on in the 40s, was probably aggressive but never had issues. 4- Propkote is the best option, zinc spray pain is the cheap option, from my perspective. but you don't want copper over aluminum.
  6. Ours lives under the dodger. Our chartplotter is down below and could use replacing. Instead, we've adopted the iPad as the primary device and have had no complaints. Offshore or on crappy days, it lives in a waterproof case. We've sailed ~4k nm with this boat in 18mos and don't even turn the plotter on anymore. But, if you don't have a protected place, I could see where that program wouldn't work.
  7. We have a fire on board as a backup. It's not a terribly pleasant to use device. Very cost effective, though. If the app isn't in the Fire store, there are some tricks you can play to get the Google Play store on it.
  8. I suspect the price and relative rarity of the Lavac is the reason only two people mentioned it. I swore I'd put them on my next boat, but it won't work for our aft (primary) head due the pump location. They are the best situation I've ever seen.
  9. I think the build is pretty much the commodity. The design and the finishes are where the the value appears. As a comp, most US sailmakers centralize the designs (the brand maintains a design team) and the build (sometimes at an unaffiliated shop). Then, finish local. While I didn't love that last main from Rolly, the build was never the concern and I think the finishing was mostly because the sales rep didn't give me the levers to pull.
  10. Sailmakers hate @cianclarke's spreadsheet. They want someone to try the latest and greatest, at the highest margin so they can spend their time with them. It's not a negative story, it's a matter of service. I've owned many Rolly sails on cheaper boats. If you know what you want/need, know how to ask the technical questions and not bother them too much, everyone wins. Precision offers the promise to access the sail designers themselves and upgrade over Rolly. The top lofts don't even do that for the basic buyers. I don't know their work well enough, but the structure of the busines
  11. Definitely easier to go through the sound and to Hell Gate. There are not many good options to tuck in on the south side. Hell Gate was seemingly scary, and as a Great Lakes sailor that was new to keeping a boat out here, there was trepidation the first time I did it. But, it's really no drama and I've done it a 100x since. Mind the tide, hug the starboard side for traffic and you'll be fine. Coming around the south end of Manhattan, you need to watch out for the Staten Island ferry (does not alter course for anyone) and you'll be spared of the million tour boats driving like dicks due t
  12. For retro fits, I don't see much difference between them. Controllers (which Isotherm does have slightly nicer ones, but for my research above) and water exchangers are the differences. They all use the same compressors and unless you are looking at holding plate systems, the condensers are about the same. For drop in units, I think the variation appears a bit more. But, I'm a DIY guy. Maybe the pros have more thoughts.
  13. Have you noticed it actually moving compressor speed around? Does the overcooling kick in properly? I find it disappointing that it remains a mechanical thermostat instead of digital, doesn't take advantage of the relatively cheap ability to measure the condenser temp to optimize speed and doesn't allow for a quick switch between fridge and freezer. This led me to digging into their ITC module (https://www.indelwebastomarine.com/us/products/cooling-technology/isotherm-intelligent-temperature-control/) which all reports indicated didn't overcool automatically - you have to manually h
  14. We have the SPs on our Sweden 42. They are really nice and a worthy consideration. They don't require a strainer, but their zincs will protrude a bit - like 1/2". If you goal is a perfect bottom, air cooled would be a better choice and an easier install. My only thought on sizing is larger just means getting the box colder, faster. Presuming it's reasonably well insulated and there is no reason not to think that, either will likely be fine. One thing I am disappointed by are the Isotherm and other digital thermostats. None of them are smart about changing compressor speeds or "overc
  15. The Man restricts with frequencies radios can broadcast on. Simple answer, hams can't talk on marine bands and vice versa. You can unlock radios today via software, but in the era of through hole boards, one could "clip" the components.
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