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  1. penumbra

    Suggestions for MF/HF Radio

    The Man restricts with frequencies radios can broadcast on. Simple answer, hams can't talk on marine bands and vice versa. You can unlock radios today via software, but in the era of through hole boards, one could "clip" the components.
  2. penumbra

    Clear coat .

    You might have a look at Alexseal. Somewhere between Awlcraft and Awlgrip in terms of hardness, more repairable / polishable. We had Alexseal and then due to Hurricane Sandy, had Awlgrip, thinking the hardness would be better. However, we much preferred the Alexseal. It seemed deeper.
  3. penumbra

    the state of racing 2021

    American YC is planning a full season. RC posted the yachtscoring, etc for Spring Series - looks like a good one. IC37s coming down from Newport for their east coast champs on the second weekend, handicap the first.
  4. penumbra

    NY/NJ Yacht Clubs....

    Atlantic Highlands is a nicer town location - easy to walk in for dinner, etc. Racing at the club quieted down a lot after Sandy (had been in decline for a while). It's also a little more protected if you stay aboard and I think deeper water. Raritan is definitely the better racing scene, better clubhouse. Keyport is an interesting club as well - very low key, DIY, smaller and less protected. Probably not what you're looking for, though.
  5. penumbra

    Advice needed on a good mounting unit for an Ipad

    We have the same. One mounted above the companionway, another at the helm and like them very much.
  6. penumbra

    shop vacuum anarchy

    Thanks, guys. My old vac can't accept bags, which was one of the reasons I was thinking of the separator, but the separator with a bag in it would be even better as I wouldn't need to buy a new vac.
  7. penumbra

    shop vacuum anarchy

    Has anyone tried these with bottom paint dust? I finally got one in the woodshop and it works great. I have a hot date with a bottom job this spring and am waffling on whether to drag it up.
  8. penumbra

    Self tacking jib track

    I have the Selden system on our Sweden 42 and can vouch for all of tDot's comments. It's civilized for cocktailing and short handed (particularly offshore), but the shape is less than stellar. My biggest annoyance is in light to moderate air, it frequently sticks when tacking to port. Someone needs to go up and kick it to move it over. I keep thinking I should replace the bearings, but it's probably the track itself, given it sticks in the same spot. We do have vertical battens in the jib, which add a bit of area and seems to help the shape, or at least I like to pretend it does. Swedens can be ordered as self-tacking or with 115%. The self tackers have further outboard chainplates and shorter jib tracks. I rather wish mine had been ordered with the 115%, given the light air I see. Also, the stainless frame for the self tacking track slides into the normal jib tracks. Many Sweden owners experience galvanic corrosion at that joint and have a bear of a time replacing the jib track. If you don't like the Hoyt setup and are looking for more area, I wouldn't continue down the self-tacking path. Figuring out a 115 or similar will give you more area and more control of the shape.
  9. penumbra

    NBC are cunts

    $175 to watch the AC while most countries are free. Dicks.
  10. penumbra

    AIS Vessel Tracking Sites

    There are two options, technically, for such things: terrestrial and satellite. As memory serves, 3 companies have terrestrial networks of any size and they swap data between them. While many would like to think the network is the asset, the satellite data is rapidly becoming more cost effective for the square miles covered for commercial use cases. The problem with satellite, as you might expect, is separating the noise is in noisy places like harbors where lots of radios are broadcasting at once. The local receivers send the traffic from the host location to the server over the internet. The companies then build a database based on the traffic they see and augment that with user submissions to get pictures and such. There is also fake AIS where the apps send your location to them. That data, as far as I'm aware, is not usually shared between the platforms and I'm not sure how popular it is. You can build a listening station for yourself pretty easily. I had one in my office in Manhattan and it was kind of fun to watch the traffic fly by. I had planned to build a real time viz of sorts and never got around to it.
  11. penumbra

    3.5hp 4 stroke Mercury

    I, too, have a Merc 3.5. I picked it up used late last season and used it extensively this summer. I had the 2 stroke version and someone absconded with it. I had made some mods to it, most notably a metal prop instead of plastic. It made a significant difference and I was able to get my AB 9 AL to plane with it. Having done all the same research noted above, these things are rebranded Tohatsus and the parts are interchangable. The lower unit is exactly the same as the 2 stroke and impeller kits from one or the other should interchange. I was excited by the 5 hp "conversion" kit @Meat Wad mentioned and put it on, having had success with similar projects in the past. I didn't find the motor to run materially faster - does not get my dinghy on plane like the high revving 2 stroke would. It also idled uncomfortably high, resulting in very hard shifting and an annoyed wife when pulling away. After having the fuel tank break, exactly as another poster mentioned, I got water in the tank and needed to clean the 5 hp carb. The gasket is exceptionally hard to get into place and didn't seat properly. Of course, I didn't figure that out until the tank had emptied itself after having motored out to my boat. In the course of a week, I broke the fuel tank, smoked the impeller and made a humungous fuel slick. I cleaned the original carb, put it all back together and it's run flawlessly ever since.
  12. penumbra

    Garmin or Raymarine interface with Volvo Penta

    It could be varying the resistance and relying on positive voltage on that wire, then restricting to the ground. I'm not much of an EE, but that would be my guess.
  13. penumbra

    Garmin or Raymarine interface with Volvo Penta

    You didn't say what model Penta or other details on the boat. Our D2-55 is an '05 and in that era full instrumentation was an upgrade. Not sure about now. The sensors in the base model (as it were) are switches instead of variable output. For example, the temp sensor is either on or off to indicate alarm or no. There was, at one time, a kit, including new sensors, to be able to generate the data. I looked into the Yacht Devices N2k bridge, as previously mentioned, and then figured out the sensor issues and shelved the project for now.
  14. penumbra

    AIS Transponders

    Another +1 for the Vesper XB-8000. I'm also using it as an NMEA 2k to 0183 bridge. I wish I could control which sentences it would relay, but very nice. Very baffled why the previous owner didn't take the extra 20 min to wire it up when he got it installed it. The anchor alarm works great. It went off when the wind shifted, we dragged 10-20' and then reset - was nice to know. However, identifying when it's setup or not is a little annoying in the app.
  15. penumbra

    Manhasset Bay

    Good protected harbor. Two club options - one very low key and generally in the shallower draft end of the bay, the other a little fancier and in the deeper end. Eat at Louie's for good seafood. None of the marinas in there are stellar nor particularly bad.