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  1. Good protected harbor. Two club options - one very low key and generally in the shallower draft end of the bay, the other a little fancier and in the deeper end. Eat at Louie's for good seafood. None of the marinas in there are stellar nor particularly bad.
  2. I have tried damn near everything. I dropped it, dragged it behind the boat for 5 miles and rehoisted it. It was the only thing that reduced it. Cleaned the swivel, sacrificed rum to Poseidon, and still nothing. Undoing is also a bit more work as it's luggage tagged rather than pinned. Max's idea of putting a swivel at the bitter end seems inspired. Need to think about that.
  3. I've been struggling with our 2:1 spin hal twisting with our Code this season as well. It's definitely the halyard. This thread inspires me to find a way to get a 2:1 tack situation going. Thanks for the great thread!
  4. Our Sweden 42 has teak decks - was the biggest downside of the boat, in my view. The previous owner had a strong love of Semco and similar products. All, and I do mean all, of the caulking failed as we were buying the boat. It all turned into greasy chewing gum and left permanent stains on clothes. Super annoying. PO was replacing sections of it himself when we bought it. It's a tedious process to reef it all out and replace it. We had Marty Munch of Osmotech in Annapolis replace all the caulking, give it a light sand and will never touch it with chemicals again. Highly recommend him and
  5. We have a Flagship Marine FM18 (might be wrong about the letters, but 18k btu). It works well and seemed to be compact and efficient. Previous owner put it in and we haven't used it in a year. Only complaints are the size of the control panel - it's like a 10" diameter, and the condensate collection and pump is in an inconvenient place, which I think may be an installation choice.
  6. We just got back from a week out: Portland, Mitinicus, Isle au Haute, Blue Hill (YC was super accomodating, can't say enough positive there), Castine, Tenants Harbor, Linekin Bay and back. Launches were operating at the couple places that had them. Masks required. We were not asked for any paperwork (Newport hailing port). We ate all but one or two meals on the boat. Overall, exactly as I expected: most things open, masks prevalent. The only surprise was many places posted they weren't accepting trash. One location had a flyer with that clearly stated this as part of the rules, but when
  7. The previous owner of our boat installed a Flagship Marine FM18R. My understanding was the build quality was on the higher end, size on the smaller end and generally uses less wattage than comparable. My only two complaints is it doesn't seem to have a dedicated dehu mode and I don't love the rather large controller. It cools our 42' boat well.
  8. I used a flavor of this mix as recommended by Practical Sailor. It left a crusty residue everywhere and I was quite displeased. Also, I recently learned you can get high test vinegar - up to 45% acidity versus 5% found in the supermarket. If your rage towards growth is reaching the same point where mine is regarding that in my sail drive, it may be an option if you, like me, believe in the nuclear option.
  9. Our circumstance is slightly unique, perhaps. We are based around NYC and generally keep the boat moving - Chesapeake, LIS, Narragansett, etc. With school/camps canceled and not needing to turn up to offices, we struck a deal on a house outside Portland and a mooring in the harbor. We work from the house during the week and cruise on the weekends. We had a 35 hour, mostly motor, from WLIS to Portland. Breeze was the prevailing SW/S, when anything. We cut through Plum Gut and shot through the canal. Easy ride, if a bit boring. The weather has been great. The first week was sunny, mi
  10. We're in Maine - came up from Annapolis-ish since June, spent a month on LIS. MD was somewhat locked down at Memorial Day. Marinas were opening up for transients, but shore-side facilities etc were not. LIS was essentially closed in June. Clubs were not welcoming transients for moorings and from what I can tell, are still not. Shore-side facilities remain closed. RI seems relatively open, despite former quarantine rules. Friends have been in Narragansett and Block in the last two weeks and report things are back. Maine is open. Restaurants are operating either reduced capacity
  11. Let me rephrase: none of the major manuf support this by default. $135 for a charger isn't crazy expensive, but it's definitely annoying when even cheap Chromebooks AC-DC converters handle 220.
  12. I own a EU built boat that was imported by the previous owner. He had a second AC loop installed, complete with separate shore power, US outlets in a couple spots and powers the airco. The factory side has one of the aforementioned voltage converters to step up from 110 to 220 for the battery charger. The inverter is to EU spec and only produces 220/50hz. It's mostly not a problem, as others mentioned. Battery charger is totally happy on 110. We have never used the inverter, but are prepared to do so for laptops. Most higher spec AC->DC converters can handle 220/50 hz : lapto
  13. These were on a boat I've spent a fair bit of time with over several years. Skippered the boat double handed (w/o the owner) a few hundred miles, raced a bunch, etc etc.. They always felt like a bear to open, but closed extremely well and the close process makes a lot of sense in an emergency. I really respect that part. The trick I found was to rotate them on the way up. A little wiggle and they would eventually work up. Also, I think the red/green distinction on the paddle was nonsense. It's hard to manage when you're half asleep, impossible to explain to new crew and generall
  14. Has anyone been around Patapsco / Rock Creek? Curious what NRP enforcement looks like. We're delivering a boat out of that area to another state next weekend, which seems to fall under the "in transit" rules. However, we need a day to rig/shake down and will have a small crew (4-5). Curious if we'll get static from the fuzz.
  15. https://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/ac-cs-sailing-boating-petition-0405-20200404-rgwy7ayh5fcohipwgbvo2kgc6i-story.html Glad to see someone making some noise...
  16. We the Quahog Cup put on by Sail Newport on http://sailonline.org/ . It was fun, but a little tedious. Our club is looking for something, as well. Has anyone tried e-regata or similar?
  17. The wife spent Saturday taking the old hailing port off of our stern with Goof Off (mentioned above) and a magic eraser. You can find knock-off "melanine foam" blocks for very cheap, though they don't last as long as the real thing. After that, we polished using the MaineSail methodology: 3M heavy, then perfect-it. Looks brand new, ish. Even made the original hailing port shadows nearly disappear.
  18. Formula A has been working great for us, except it leaves a chalky/gritty residue. Any bright work requires a second cleaning. PS's latest issue had a letter from a reader reminding them what the pros use: ozone generators. The cheap ones are < $100. Tent the cushions and blast with ozone. It will kill the critters, but will not remove stains, etc.
  19. This. I did exactly that on my last boat. I removed very little, mostly just masked. Even did it outdoors when the temp was a little cool for Perfection. It came out great. I had a friend who I've done a lot of projects with - car restos, houses, etc - come in to help out. I got him started at the top, I started from the bottom. No one will ever see the few runs he left behind.
  20. I crew on a J112e with a grey wrap. It looks pretty damn great. I want to say he paid $4k for it an it's been on for 5 years. There was a little touch up at one point to replace a couple torn bits.
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