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  1. I own a EU built boat that was imported by the previous owner. He had a second AC loop installed, complete with separate shore power, US outlets in a couple spots and powers the airco. The factory side has one of the aforementioned voltage converters to step up from 110 to 220 for the battery charger. The inverter is to EU spec and only produces 220/50hz. It's mostly not a problem, as others mentioned. Battery charger is totally happy on 110. We have never used the inverter, but are prepared to do so for laptops. Most higher spec AC->DC converters can handle 220/50 hz : laptop chargers, etc. However, US spec tools do not and getting 220 small appliances is a pain. I had previously been working in Europe, was there 1x/month and wish I had bought a couple things. Most notably, a small shop vac. Getting those for 220 in the US is a giant hassle and expensive. Annoyingly, none of the major cordless power tool manufacturers charges support 220. Right now, one of my fridges died - looks like a refrigerant leak. I'm guessing I need to vacuum the lines after I fix the leak. Living on a mooring, using the inverter to run the vacuum pump for the recommended 24 hours would be relatively easy. However, the cheap refrig kits all have 110/60 pumps. If I fry one, it's only a $60-80 pump, so I'll probably just do it, but annoying nonetheless. It's more hassle than I expected and pretty much means I live on 12/24v DC. If I were you, I would wire to US spec as you suggested, keep the appliances to a minimum and switch it all back when you get to the US. Being able to buy a quick appliance for not much and plug in w/o thinking is pretty well worth it.
  2. penumbra

    Forespar Flowtech Valve trouble

    These were on a boat I've spent a fair bit of time with over several years. Skippered the boat double handed (w/o the owner) a few hundred miles, raced a bunch, etc etc.. They always felt like a bear to open, but closed extremely well and the close process makes a lot of sense in an emergency. I really respect that part. The trick I found was to rotate them on the way up. A little wiggle and they would eventually work up. Also, I think the red/green distinction on the paddle was nonsense. It's hard to manage when you're half asleep, impossible to explain to new crew and generally garbage. If I were installing through hulls, I would not choose them as I found them frustrating, as you've noted. But, I respect the design. Short answer: sounds like they're working as designed.
  3. penumbra

    Maryland Open (sort of)

    Has anyone been around Patapsco / Rock Creek? Curious what NRP enforcement looks like. We're delivering a boat out of that area to another state next weekend, which seems to fall under the "in transit" rules. However, we need a day to rig/shake down and will have a small crew (4-5). Curious if we'll get static from the fuzz.
  4. penumbra

    Maryland Lockdown Day 1 Glad to see someone making some noise...
  5. penumbra

    Online regatta's and racing

    We the Quahog Cup put on by Sail Newport on . It was fun, but a little tedious. Our club is looking for something, as well. Has anyone tried e-regata or similar?
  6. penumbra

    Adhesive Removal.

    The wife spent Saturday taking the old hailing port off of our stern with Goof Off (mentioned above) and a magic eraser. You can find knock-off "melanine foam" blocks for very cheap, though they don't last as long as the real thing. After that, we polished using the MaineSail methodology: 3M heavy, then perfect-it. Looks brand new, ish. Even made the original hailing port shadows nearly disappear.
  7. Formula A has been working great for us, except it leaves a chalky/gritty residue. Any bright work requires a second cleaning. PS's latest issue had a letter from a reader reminding them what the pros use: ozone generators. The cheap ones are < $100. Tent the cushions and blast with ozone. It will kill the critters, but will not remove stains, etc.
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    roll and tip mast with Perfection ??

    This. I did exactly that on my last boat. I removed very little, mostly just masked. Even did it outdoors when the temp was a little cool for Perfection. It came out great. I had a friend who I've done a lot of projects with - car restos, houses, etc - come in to help out. I got him started at the top, I started from the bottom. No one will ever see the few runs he left behind.
  9. penumbra

    Wrap a Hull vs Paint a Hull

    I crew on a J112e with a grey wrap. It looks pretty damn great. I want to say he paid $4k for it an it's been on for 5 years. There was a little touch up at one point to replace a couple torn bits.