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  1. https://www.boatdesign.net/threads/sheered-waterline.35840/ Everything you ever wanted to know about “sheered” but were afraid to ask……..
  2. If those photos are recent this may be a real bargain. Not at all unusual for the photos to have been taken when the boat was in its prime.
  3. The side exhaust and luggage rack ruin the original look.
  4. I just replaced my old unit with a GX 2400. Rather than spend a hundred bucks (minimum) servicing an old unit I’d add a couple hundred and go new. I find the new display much easier to read.
  5. This is a bargain considering it’s 85% complete.
  6. Jonah….party of one….your table is ready
  7. “ Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt” Abe Lincoln
  8. $15 bucks….really? Last time I got something for fifteen bucks it took four weeks on antibiotics to get rid of it
  9. My favorite Ali fights were when he fought Joe Frazier. I always rooted for Joe to win just because Ali did everything he could to humiliate Frazier.
  10. She used to spend her summers in West Harbor on Fishers Island. Pete duPont was an enthusiastic owner and told me stories of her exploits when I was too young to fully appreciate them, I was overwhelmed that such a wealthy man was so down to earth. At the time he also owned a motor yacht which was dressed to look steam driven. I can’t recall the name as it’s been 45+ years.
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