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  1. Made for a fun delivery down to SoCal in a shitty southerly breeze. Forward hatch that didn't latch close and no bilge pumps made it a bath tub down below, nothing like waking up to a wave of water in your face when the on-watch forgot to pump out the bilges!
  2. https://techtoday19.com/nz/americas-cup-will-david-be-allowed-to-take-on-the-goliaths/
  3. Thanks for the advice! Fortunately the centerboard shouldn’t be rubbing against where the filler will be, so shouldn’t need any graphite but will keep that tip in my pocket for later.
  4. Thanks for the feedback! Unfortunately (I’m not sure if you know this) but an iPhone can’t take pictures of something an inch away! Centerboard trunks are rather skinny and therefore it is difficult to get a picture of the inside.
  5. Just acquired a *very old Lido 14 and am in the process of getting it back in shape. The centerboard trunk is pretty gnarled, the boat having been trailer launched most of its life. As far as I can tell there is no risk of water getting into the seats/air tanks, but there is an apparent lack of coating between the tanks and the outer hull. This can be seen pretty well in the pics where it goes from glass to gel coat. Any tips on what sort of west system to use to fill in the gaps/keep it all right? Any help is appreciated
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