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  1. Well it looks like she is just about there. And REX looks like she's already on the way home to Airlie.
  2. That'll buff right out..... Hopefully no one injured. I'd hate to think how much a replacement rig and sails would cost for a 100 footer!
  3. Black Jack listed on the tracker as retired due to dismasting.
  4. I'm slightly curious about how a Schionning would go if you used the foam cored panels from ATL instead of the Balsa cored panels. But at the same time, you are bending a cored panel that is already laminated on both sides, so to an extent would it be trying to pull itself apart?
  5. Not to fly within 5.5km of controlled airport if drone weighs over 250g., the drone they use is 900g. Look at Coffs Harbour (Harbor in Zatara speak) on google maps. Edit: Marina is 2.5km from airport boundary and is directly under the flight path.
  6. I'm slightly curious about whether they look up what the local rules are for drone flight in each country they visit. Particularly the bit about how far away they are required to fly them from the nearest airport, or the bit about if its being used for commercial use.
  7. I stuffed up the start badly, started with three programations in, forgot to add new way points before going to work about 6 hours after the start. Remembered at lunchtime and logged in to find myself well north of Anguila in a theoretical 86,000th position. Jumped back to the rescue ship in position 46k, up to 17k now.
  8. I lost something like 20,000 positions at/just after Cape Horn over Christmas. Went from 19,000 up to about 42,000. Now at 36.8k.
  9. Its the same boat. Free Spirit was listed at $175k AUD before being taken off the market. Now renamed and put back on the market.
  10. I always assumed he was referring to Canada and the other nations of the Empire/Commonwealth. Australia, South Africa, New Zealand etc.
  11. I'm doing 21.1 knots down the edge of the railway sleepers right now. Probably should alter course slightly.
  12. Except we turned south way before you did. I think some of us might have a problem over the next few days that we went too far south. Also, my boat doesn't want to go much faster then 22-24kt no matter how much wind there is.
  13. I'm only ~50nm in front of you, I was going to have to Gybe south in 6-10 hours anyway. Now I can be lazy. Hilariously, even though i'm going due south, i've gained 4k positions in the last hour. I wonder where they are measuring from.
  14. Now you have me second guessing myself. because if I do the same thing I can be even further south and slightly more ahead. Saying that, i'm also not using Zeze. Edit: Why not? gets me further south into more wind and less miles/degree.
  15. Sadly I think i'm running down the station platform with the train pulling away in front of me. I don't think I could quite get far enough south in time. The next 6-12 hours will tell the story. In about 6 hours I think i'll start to go a lot more south and hug the line as much as possible.
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