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  1. Still going strong on the builds. I'll cast some kikkers next month and start making the akas. still having fun as well. Hope you appreciate the update Cheerios
  2. Another installment on the channel people! Go watch and subscribe!
  3. Agreed with everything you say. I'm mostly trying to find like minded souls with more expertise
  4. Thanks man for the feedback. English is weird. And I am not going to let anyone drag me down. there are more positive messages than negative. But doing something so out of the ordinary does not free me of criticism. I can only embrace it and assume people mean well and still try to curb the way they formulate it
  5. Yes those are just a bit like hefty tagwelds keeping the plates together. They are ugly for sure I agree! My eventual welds on the bottom are allot better! And Yeah i don't know what I am doing but I'm learning and quite frankly getting a hand on it. That doesn't mean however that I'm not open for some positive advice. Positive that is because once someone starts with just typing out the worst case scenario then they might not loose credibility but they loose my attention because with this big project I have to keep the best case scenario in mind. I definitly have some
  6. I've started building a proa back in October and I am now well on the way of making something that looks like a boat and is turning out to be waterproof. I chose to build in in Alu mainly because of the low maintanance aspects of it. I chose a proa because... I mean look at that design. I just fell in love with the whole concept. Things have been going steadily and I've also kept a video record of the build. Here's the latest episode if you're interested. I've enjoyed watching these build videos for years and now I'm making them myself. I use
  7. Hope you guys enjoy my efford. It's already a blast making it and I'm having a blast sharing my progress! I'll try to answer any questions! It's Allot easier to answer them on YouTube though but I'll come back here and answer any on here as well! For now I'm only at the beginning of making progress on the ama but the videos are not too far behind! Enjoy!
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